Enter the blogging world…

Occupational therapist by day. Soon-to-be-published author of romance (No Matter Why, The Wild Rose Press 2009, release date TBA). Writer venturing  into  the unfamiliar world of websites, blogs and hyperlinks everywhere.

Last week I got my website up and running. (Finally, after a seriously long time coming.) I was a wreck, but somehow I did what had to be done, everything all came together and www.joannaaislinn.com was born.

Everything came together. That brought to mind a catch term very popular in my day-job world: integration. Things coming together. Me owning them, making sense of them, truly understanding them. For me, those moments of revelation are usually a long, long time coming, but when they hit, when I say, “I get it now–finally!” I get so excited, I’m a bird ready to fly (or at least flap my wings a little).

So here I sit,  fingers tapping, nowhere near where I want to be, but testing the waters with this first blog and looking forward to  a moment of blogging integration.

Take a minute. Share your “a-ha” moment, that second you owned it, the minute you integrated it. It  can be blogging, writing, crafting, cleaning, raising those kids, adjusting to a new life situation—anything, everything.



One thought on “Enter the blogging world…

  1. Short and to the point. Oh, I have those moments for sure. They are the best, because I’m probably all angst up over the thought stick in the back of my mind. Relief is not a four letter word. ;>)



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