Happy Second Day After Christmas!


Hope all of you who celebrated had a wonderful time whether you spent Christmas with family, at the movies or simply having a quiet day. And while it’s on my mind, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year, too. May 2010, new year and new decade opener bless all of you and yours with peace, health, happiness, joy (and an abundance of time to read and/or write)!

Lots of catching up to do at this end and a whole lot more to be done during the school break. I’m not grumping—just grateful I have the time but not in the mood to tackle a few of the MUST-DO’s over the next few days, among them home insurance woes, health insurance changes, a couple of short reports for my day job, get a house back together after Christmas and prepare for the release of my debut novel! (I’ll admit it: I’m getting a little nervous.) 

Anyway, since we’re officially making our way through the twelve days of Christmas, let’s have some fun. I’ll keep it simple at my end—just looking to share the moments that stood out most. I have two. Both made me belly laugh—will do what I can to bring you into the moment. 

First: my youngest niece—dark-haired Italian-girl, just past the two-year-six-month mark who loves to walk while looking back at you with these huge dark brown eyes. I happened to comment on this particular behavior while her six-year-old brother sat next to me, supposedly engrossed in his food. “She falls down the stairs a lot,” he said, casual as can be, never lifting his gaze from his plate. And here I was thinking he wasn’t even paying attention.

 We also have a beloved family member who, unfortunately, struggles with macular degeneration. Recently, said person accidentally started a room fire when she dumped cigarette ashes  into the trash. Long story short, someone gave her a charred birdhouse as a gag gift. Not only did she think it was a manger, she thought the burned paper inside was ‘Baby Jesus.’ While the rest of us stood there no longer able to contain our laughter, she decided that piece of paper was a chicken. The entire process was filmed by my son (with the digital camcorder he received the day before)—we had even more fun telling her we’d post it to YouTube :)!

 Okay, so you had to be there. A few photos (disregard dates please; I’m lame with technology), then your turn to share! Doesn’t have to be Christmas either–all December holiday memories welcome!                   


Nineteen (eighteen?) more days until No Matter Why debuts! So excited, I can’t count!

Next week look for author Keena Kincaid to take the spotlight (www.keenakincaid.com) !

Until next time, peace and a little down time for all,


4 thoughts on “Happy Second Day After Christmas!

  1. We loved the snow! The ‘perfect storm’ On a weekend, super pretty, white and fluffy enough to play in and easy to shovel! Gone day after Christmas….doesn’t get any better than that!


  2. After I got all my Christmas shopping done, I went home, and just breathed a big sigh of relief.. It felt so good to know that I was finished with all the shopping maddness, and I was able to enjoy the holiday..I sat by the fireplace and turned the lights on, on the tree and just enjoyed the quiet.


  3. My most memorable Christmas moment came when my sister and I were able to sit at table with Mom to enjoy a prime rib dinner that my sister cooked. You see, on October 30, Mom was taken to the hospital with a heartbeat of 156 beats a minute, atrial fibrillation and swollen legs. The doctors took out 2 liters of fluid from her chest and were not optimistic as to her chances. Yet here we were, less than two months later, lifting a celebratory glass of wine to her health! And on Thursday (New Year’s Eve), Mom celebrates her 93rd birthday! Yes, memorable indeed.

    Wishing you and your readers a Happy New Year.



  4. Moments to remember indeed!
    I loved the snow too, Laurie–kept the kids out for hours while I worked on reports that were due got things done peacefully;

    Tammy, I breathed that sigh of relief once the my kids’ gifts were in place and wrapped (they’re ALWAYS here these days, lol, usually w/a friend or six);

    Cris, so happy about your mom–a Christmas you’ll never forget–happy birthday to her too! God bless!

    Thanks for stopping by, all of you!


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