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 Just after sunset over the bay in Beach Haven, NJ. I could start meditating right now!

Author, parent, educator, therapist and life coach Diane Lang is back! Today she offers the following ideas for clearing your head:

When you de-clutter your mind you will begin to see a creative side of you that you never knew existed. I can tell you first hand, when I learned to de clutter my mind, all my creativity started to flow very freely. It’s almost like I cleared out all the garbage and now all the good, creative thoughts can come through.  When you clear your mind, your able to hear your inner creative self come through. You don’t have to believe me – try it!

Tips on De-cluttering your mind

De cluttering your mind comes through when your mind is silent. For everyone that is done differently but there are some specific ways to get to the “quiet mind.’  Try:

1. Meditation – I’m probably not the best at meditation because I end up falling asleep but what I did learn is: if I fall asleep from meditation or the gratitude checks ( see below). I end up with positive dreams & good visions of what is going on in my life.

2. Gratitude checks – it was a perk of using gratitude at night. Right before bed, I start my 2-3 minute gratitude check. I start talking to myself about what I’m grateful for and before I know it, my mind is quiet and I have gotten rid of the baggage of the day. Sometimes, I sit in silence and sometimes I fall asleep but either way I’m in a peaceful state.

3. Connecting with nature – it could me meditating outside or just talking a walk. Most people agree if you can find a quiet spot where you are in tune with nature, you will reap the benefits of quieting your mind. If I can find a quiet path, I walk and clear my mind at the same time. I figure I can burn calories while de-cluttering 🙂

4. Exercise – I had a friend tell me, that when they swim I can clear my mind. I had another friend tell me, when she walks on the treadmill or does lunges, it clears her mind. For me, walking in the park works. If you love exercise and it clears your mind then your getting all types of benefits. Exercise is great for the heart and cardio, it reduces your stress hormones, produces endorphins, burn calories and clears your mind – wow!

5. Writing – Free writing works – just write, don’t think about what to write just write what comes to you. It doesn’t matter where you write or if it’s on paper or your computer, it’s just about clearing your mind.

6. Flow – if your doing something you truly are passionate about, you will end up in flow. Flow is when you don’t even realize how much time has passed because you’re completely involved in the activity. It doesn’t matter the outcome; just the journey because your doing it for the passion/love of the interest/hobby.

How do you declutter your mind? Leave your comment! Diane, myself and other readers would love to know!

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6 thoughts on “Declutter Your Mind

  1. Hi Diane and Joanna,

    Great advice. This week the “flow” was working for me, although not in writing mode. I decided to drag out my scrapbooking materials that have been languishing forever. I started working in the morning, got in the flow, and didn’t stop until ten at night! I accomplished a ton. (Now I need to have a writing day like that!)

    Music is a great unclutterer for me. I prefer country, and just by listening it brings me to a whole other place.


  2. Patty, glad you liked the photo–NJ has a bad rep but there are many breathtaking places to be found and none all that far away.

    Like the scrapbook idea, Debra. Sometimes, one needs to shift gears entirely to increase flow where we want it most. Glad you enjoyed the post–so did I. 🙂

    As per the exercise part, I happen to love that one best sometimes, especially a moderately fast walk while marine breezes blow (like those before a rainstorm). Even a good workout, when I’m really moving with the music, makes my day and really helps me think more clearly.


  3. Excellent advice. I used to meditate daily, but have gotten out of practice. I really need to get back to it. I do also find that exercise gets my creative juices flowing as well.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Joanne! Diane gives very useful, easily applied tips to keep one in synch and balance. I’m terrible w/meditation, mostly b/c of all the mental clutter, lol!


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