More Recipes (and an new blog page, too!)

Above: That big splash is my son, but I won’t say which one :)!

Good day, friends! It’s Friday and that’s (usually) good, right?

Had a wonderful time answering questions at Writing Romance Question Forum, a great new venture for that targets aspiring writers by creating a place where access to authors, editors and agents is possible and without the associated stress one can feel. Monique, Neecy, Karen and Kathie (were you hiding, Kathie?) made it so nice for me while others showed to ask great questions. (I’ll pop in periodically so feel free to ask away!) Looking forward to hearing from those of you who wanted more help on the given subjects we discussed! Thanks to everyone!

Now:  A few base ingredients and then some kitchen staples = a variety of easy meal (and entertaining) ideas!

Okay friends, hope you like zucchini—‘tis definitely the season. (What can I say? My house is crawling with them, along with tomatoes, cucumbers and blossoms, of course! I give away what I can and should make use of the rest, right?)

Among the reasons I love zucchini—especially fresh from the garden (nothing else like it)—it works so well with other flavors. Like chicken breast, there is a whole lot you can do with a minimum of ingredients, time and effort.

Make the base recipe first. Small to medium zucch are best; vary amounts based on how many people you’ll be feeding. (Make extra and use it for something else—it keeps in the fridge, cooked or not. See what I mean about the beauty of it?) A small zucch will feed one person; a medium 2-3 depending on how you use the base. And those Bam-Bam clubs you find hidden in the leaves? Scrape out and discard the seeds; save the hulls for stuffing! (Read on: this will make sense, I promise!)

Back to the base: Heat about 2-3 tablespoons of oil (canola or olive oil are my preferences) in a large non-stick frying pan. Cube zucch (about one inch in size), chop an medium or large onion and sauté both until desired level of tenderness. Season to taste with any/all of the following: salt, pepper, Adobo, seasoned salt, salt-free seasoning. The base is done! (BTW, this recipe lends itself just as easily to roasting. Heat your oven to at least 375˚F. Spray a glass or metal pan with cooking spray, add the veggies, spray them and stir to coat, add your seasonings and roast until the mix is tender and even a little browned. Well-cooked onion carmelizes and has a sweet flavor to it. Done!)

Using the base: (1) Eat as is—you just made your side dish. (2) Use it to top any kind of pasta, ravioli or perogies—a vegetarian special. Sprinkle with bread crumbs and grated cheese, add a quick tomato salad* or grilled tomato oreganata* as a side and an elegant summer lunch or light dinner is on the table in a very short time. (3) make chicken-zucchini tacos* or (4) stuff the Bam-Bam club*!

*See my new blog page for these recipes and don’t forget those at my website. Zucchini pie and/or blossoms paired with any of these make for great, light summer meals.

As always, please feel free to share your favorite recipes and/or cooking tricks, too!

Have a great weekend and see you next week!


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