Last of the Summer Recipes (for this year! :)

These pesky, persistent pumpkin plants will grow anywhere they can grab hold. Last year, one climbed into and grew our apple tree!

Happy Labor Day, folks!  Since I’m avoiding reviewing the bills, my soon-to-be caseload of student-list and where my current wip (work-in-progress) is going, thought I’d put out those recipes that should have posted sometime in August, during the short-lived Jersey tomato season. (They are pretty awesome and this from the girl who hated the red veggie growing up–it’s an acquired taste, I’m sure. :))

Anyway, I’ve got a day of strenuous tennis-viewing ahead–The Fed and Djokovic both scheduled to play today; maybe I’ll check out doubles too: the Bryan brothers seemed pretty cool during their 60 Minutes spotlight last night. Yes, RR, I’m rambling again, but no parentheses!

Check in tomorrow for Diane Lang’s tips on dealing with negativity. She’s giving away a hard-copy of her latest release, Creating Balance, so make sure to stop by and leave your comment–see the blog for details.

And now, I direct you to my recipe page–hope you’ve had the time to try one or some and liked the result. I made a peach AND an apple cobbler the other day, as per the Fitwilliam Inn’s yumm-o recipe. I was NOT disappointed and can’t wait to make it again. (This time I’ll remember I have whipping cream in the fridge with which to top it off. :))



4 thoughts on “Last of the Summer Recipes (for this year! :)

  1. Hi Joanna,

    It’s so funny that you say that about not liking tomoatoes as a kid, but loving them now. I am the same way, and just this weekend another friend made the same comment. Must be some kind of adult palate kind of thing!


    1. Not all palates, Debra. I had a friend who’s about 3 years younger than myself giving me that horrified, “Me? Never!” look when I talked about learning to like tomatoes (and many other foods) by pairing them with something I really liked. (I.e., I’d add fresh tomato slices to chicken cutlet then sprinkle the whole w/grated Parmesan.) After a while, the offensive food wasn’t so offensive, but, like everything else, it was a conscious choice to do what I could to like a healthy food.

      Enjoy Labor Day and thanks for stopping by!


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