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Good day friends! Always great to connect with all of you here! By now so many of you know how happy the US Open Tennis Championships final match made me–and I’ve added Mr. Djokovic to my list of absolute favorite players. If this comes as a surprise, scroll down to the previous post and check out the champs! Now I have to wait a whole year…good thing the Australian is coming up next! What is life without tennis? Oh to be able to write full-time, break from that by going to the tennis court for exercise…

Okay, enough wishful thinking. 🙂 Let’s get to my current guest, online friend and regular visitor to my humble blog!  Meet P.L. Parker, newly published author of unique paranormal fantasy romance novels with a twist. Her modern day heroines find themselves transported back in time to live in ancient lands where they encounter peril, romance, treachery, and ultimately, love. She enjoys creating fantasy romance stories in both the light and dark paranormal. Today she answers questions regarding her author’s journey.  


Welcome, P.L. Thanks for all your support–more appreciated than I can communicate! What do you love best about writing? I love the ability to create a character from the ground up.  I love being able to imagine whatever reality I want and build on that.  I love the research behind the story—all that it takes to make the story credible and I love telling the story.

We may be soul sisters who traveled from another dimension to this one! What do you like least? Oh most definitely the promo.  I just want to write, but promo goes hand in hand.  Next is the editing. I wish I was talented enough to write the perfect story the first time through, but I don’t think anyone has that ability.

What got you started? I used to tell my husband all these stories and he kept telling me I needed to write them down.  So one day, he went out and bought a computer, brought it home, hooked it up and told me to get started.  He is also my best fan.  Until I turned 50, I don’t think I had the true focus I needed to stay with a manuscript.  I actually wrote my first novel, Fiona, and truly started writing when I was 54.  I am now 58.

Okay, so now I have writer’s envy. Can’t manage more than one story at a time myself and have a ton of trouble transitioning from one manuscript to the next. What keeps you writing? All the stories inside my head just waiting to be put down on paper.  At the same time I am writing the current story, the next story is already forming in my brain cells, just waiting for its chance to break free.  I pretty much have a mental outline ready for the next book by the time I finish the last one.

How has your writing impacted –or significantly changed—other aspects of your life? My house has suffered.  I used to be a much better housekeeper, but something had to fall by the wayside, so I voted for the housekeeping.  It was a hard choice . . . .

Where do you get story and character ideas? Who or what inspires you? Amazingly enough, the Discovery Channel.  I love ancient history and the quirky little things they dig up.  I often wonder how modern man would survive back then, if they could.  Fiona was based on the Urumchi Mummies of Ancient China; Riley’s Journey is set in the last great Ice Age; Heart of the Sorcerer and Aimee’s Locket are not that far back in time, but still time travel – modern man set against the tribulations of the past.


Talk about current, past and future projects, upcoming releases, maybe your ‘dream novel’? Actually, Fiona was my “dream novel.”  None of my succeeding stories have affected me like Fiona did.  I felt her pain, her fear, her desire to return home. I have also stepped out of my comfort zone (time travel) and am writing a SciFi story – but I have to admit, there is some time travel in there.  LOL.  It’s a fun story and I’m having a great time writing it. 

I understand congratulations are in order? Recently, I had two manuscripts in the submission stage,  Absolution,  a vampire story with a twist, and Into the Savage Dawn, a sequel to Riley’s Journey. Both are now under contract for publication: the former with Eternal Press and the latter with Willow Moon Publishing (my very first editor’s brand new endeavor). I’m very excited! 

As I would be!  Please tell our readers how you juggle work (other than writing, assuming you work ‘outside the home,’ as a patient aptly asked me many years ago), time to write and all that goes along with it, especially as a published author (i.e., promo, etc). I write during my breaks and lunchtime at work, save the current work and on Friday afternoons, I send the latest home to be input into the main manuscript.  This actually works great for me because I live in a house full of men and they can’t seem to understand that when I’m writing, I can’t be answering a million questions, fixing dinner, ironing their T-shirts, finding lost socks, etc.  Men will be men. I’ve got a houseful of testosterone myself (minus the two female cats). Bless you, girl: you iron T-shirts?? You’re a lot more understanding than I am, lol.

Please share the three ways you find most effective to promote your work. I wish I knew what was the most effective.  The Book-A-Day Giveaways at The Romance Studio is a good choice.  I’ve given away a number of copies through them and I always seem to have a long list of entrants for whichever of my books I have donated. I also buy small notebooks from various places, print out stickers with the covers of my books and paste on them, and hand them out or use as mailers. (I’m liking the notebook idea! :)) I do try to blog as much as I can given time constraints. Currently, at my blog, I’m doing a sequence which I’ve entitled In Search of My Soulmate, and each post will be “Bachelor No. 1, 2, etc.”  I have already really input No. 1 but I called it Who Was that Basque Man.  I have so many stupid things that happened with dates, blind dates, etc., I decided telling about them would be a good romance blog.  The ending one will be my meeting with my soulmate, who just happens to be my husband. (BTW, I popped over and peeked at these; I am now hooked! Hysterical! If you get a chance, readers, check out this series. EVERYONE can relate!)

For blurbs, excerpts, etc:; or my blogspot.

Thanks again, P.L. for stopping by and sharing your stories with us! Good luck with all your current and future endeavors–as always, I am impressed by those of you who can juggle so many stories at once!

Next week, look for Diane Lang’s tips on transitioning kids between classrooms and other settings. Also, start thinking about the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you. For this one, those we know and love don’t count.

Until then, enjoy the weekend–here on the northcentral east coast, it’s a gorgeous, fresh last-of-the-summer day. Hope yours is as nice!


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  1. I realize how hard it is to get in front of a computer on the weekends, but my work has some issues about me blogging when I’m supposed to be working – haven’t figured out why yet. Anyway, nice to be here.


    1. Might be a male thing–they all want instant gratification, don’t they? Know what I just realized? If I had a report that had to be done for work the housework would suffer, but I will delay my writing until I put some order around me. Not sure if that’s avoidance behavior or the need for visual peace around me in order to focus better, assuming I have the luxury of time.


    1. Looking forward to reading it–I have to exercise first, though–been putting it off all morning. And yes, work can get picky about blogging–in school, you can’t even get into a blogsight. It’s for the kids’ protection.


  2. Ran out and did a little grocery shopping. Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. Appreciate that you made the effort. Saturdays are busy times for everyone. Joanna has the best blog, I stop by here quite often. Always something new and interesting to check out.


  3. You’re all wonderful and way too kind. I’m glad though, you all seem to find something to like here. That’s my aim. I feel very gratified when you do.

    No tennis tonight. I am lost.


  4. Joanna did have some great questions. A new slant on the blogging and one I found very refreshing. Nice to get to know the author as well as the works and Joanna’s questions were geared towards that end. I had a good time answering them.


    1. I’m very glad to hear that, P.L. I learn at least one and new very interesting thing about every author who interviews here–part of this is for me, too. One easy and informative way to gain more knowledge on the writing journey but above all an opportunity to make a new writer friend! 🙂


  5. Hi PL and Joanna,

    Sorry I’m so late dropping in, I’ve been out and about all day…

    PL, congrats on your upcoming projects. I’m a vampire girl, so “Absolution” sounds intriguing. I’ll be keeping my eye out for that one!


  6. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you and everyone else, Patsy. I look forward to another time! Thanks to you and everyone, readers, visitors, commenters and the quiet, shy crowd, too!

    See you all next week 🙂


  7. Great interview and congrats on your new contracts! I envy your ability to have several stories in your head at one time. And I so get the housekeeping thing. When I die at least one person will probably say something like, “Poor Penny, she was a nice person, but a truly horrible housekeeper” or “What was she doing with all this crap!” ;D


  8. Great interview, P.L., and best of luck. I, too, know the pain of having to sacrifice the housework to a greater cause. They don’t call us martyrs for nothing! 🙂


  9. I’d love to have more than one story in my head too, Penny. (So nice to see you here again–I’ve missed you!)

    Am I the only writer who can’t let go the housework–I would happily martyr myself that way if I could!

    This has been great, everyone! Thanks again to P.L. and every single one of you!

    Tomorrow, look for two more reviews of NO MATTER WHY!


  10. I wanted so bad to stop over here Saturday but the world wouldn’t let me! Wonderful interview. I found out info I didn’t know about P.L. I do know that if you’re looking for an excellent read then be sure and pick up one of her books. Heart of the Sorcerer was awesome!! Loved every bit of it.


    1. Why can’t life consist of enough time to write, read all the books people rave about (and play tennis, of course)? Glad you managed to get here just the same, Judith! Hope you get a chance to stop by again!


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