Three posts: just to confuse everyone on a Monday…

Good morning everyone and welcome to error-ridden Monday! (BTW, I’m not sure this post counts, lol.) If you scroll down to the preceding post you’ll note that the link to Toni Sweeney’s blog and book review website now works (I’d linked it incorrectly last time around). Use the ‘Read them here’ link to just a little further down to make your life easier.


Diane Lang’s latest on transitioning kids into new classrooms and/or settings should have run a little later this week. Guess I goofed but hope you find it informative and helpful just the same.

Later this week (I’m thinking Thursday), expect an interview from fellow Liberty States Fiction Writers’ author Shobhan Bantwal. Her writing crosses cultures and raises questions and/or deals with issues so many of us who came from other countries and/or are first-generation American face. (Plus, her book covers are among the most beautiful I’ve seen! :))

And to finish out the week (or begin the next, depending on how crazy this one gets) we’ll talk about the nicest thing a relative stranger has ever done for you! Start thinking about it–I want to hear your story!

Until later,