The Sweet Side of September

Hi everyone! Thank God for a Friday afternoon alone to get even a little caught up! (Between husband, kids and a very sick desire to clean before getting to anything else, those hours are very short-lived. And I’d really better hurry as I put this together: I can hear my kids approaching the house from down the street! Poof! Mom’s quiet time gone. Part of the mommy-package, right?)

Thanks to all of you for your patience while I continue to settle into the beginning of school. Things aren’t totally in place yet. Like my blog and books, my schedule remains a constant work-in-evolutionary- progress.  Special thanks to hubby’s mom (Nanny) for reaching out and asking if all was okay because of the delay in posts. So nice to know my musings were missed!

Today I have my newest on-line friend in for a virtual visit. As Winona mentions later, we met via Facebook and clicked from her first comment. And with that, I present her to you as she has done an excellent job of further introducing herself! 🙂

September was a busy month for me as an author. My name is Winona Rasheed, and I write stories that will inspire and spark the imagination in children. I have six books published and my latest one, Broken Voices is my first Young Adult (Y/A) book.

The life of an author is very intriguing as well as invigorating, especially once you get past the manuscript stage and enter into the publishing scope of it all. It’s every writer’s dream to become published, and once you do so, you can say you are a bona fide author. But, there is work that still needs to be done, even after your book has been published and sitting on the shelf of a library or book store. You have to market to let the public know about you’re your new book and the public needs to know who you are as an author. If you don’t market, your master piece will be sitting on the shelves collecting dust particles and your name will go unknown.

Though I have six published books, Broken Voices, which is published by New Line Press, is my first book that is taking me on a fabulous journey, whereas I have had my first book signing event and blog chat interviews. I have even been interviewed on the Authors Show Radio program. This journey has introduced me to people that I would never have known if I was doing something else besides letting my creativity show through my books.

This experience has left me feeling like those getting the Oscar Award. Signing books made me feel like I was on the red carpet and in the lime light. As an author being interviewed, I felt that I was an important individual and my books were worthy of recognition.

The whole fabulous experience that took place beginning at the end of August and into the first couple of weeks of September has made me feel like a real author, doing what so many other authors do. I have come full circle in my writing career, including marketing myself and my books. After all, it’s not the end of the road just because you are published. As an author, there still more work to do and I personally love every minute of it. It’s a journey that I recommend all new writers experience, especially when the opportunity comes. All I can say is grab it and enjoy all the benefits that come with being a writer turned author.

Speaking of being interviewed, my latest blog interview with David Kentner posted recently on his website. It turned out to be awesome, for I am listed right there with the rest of the important authors that he interviewed. I felt so honored, just as I am honored to be on Joanna’s blog. I love all this opportunity. You can take a look if you like. And this just in: My radio interview will be airing online on October 13 and 14. I can be heard at:

I love writing, however, I love being an author even more, because it makes me feel on top of the world.

September turned out to be a sweet month. I accomplished my goal and my efforts are paying off. Invitations to be interviewed are coming in from all directions and I love this marketing strategy that I am experiencing. It’s an author’s dream come true.

If you have never heard of me, all I can say is that I am a small town gal living in the nation’s capitol of Washington DC. I am originally from Ohio and I still have that Buckeye State demeanor, which means I am not a city slicker. Google my name and I pop up all over the place, which makes technology awesome.

I am a stay at home housewife, though I do not sit around watching TV and eating chocolates all day, I stay busy with my freelance writing and editing business, Dream Writers’ Essentials. I am an entrepreneur, a freelancer doing her own little thing and helping others to become better writers. I love blogging as much as I love writing children books. In my spare time, I love being on Face Book where I can keep up with my friends and family and meet new people in the process, especially other fellow writers and authors. As a matter of fact, that’s how I met Joanna, I was responding to a comment she made on Face Book and now I am being interviewed on her blog. I think that is an awesome connection.

Thanks Joanna, for letting my voice be heard on your blog.

Winona Rasheed, “Rocking the World with New Books”

The pleasure is mine and then some, Winona. It’s been an honor to have you here. Best of luck with all your work and your editing business—something we may be able to discuss more in the future! In the meantime, here’s the web address for those looking to get to know you better at your very colorful website!

That’s a wrap for today, everyone. Tomorrow, visit with me at author Chris Redding’s blog–I’ll be sharing my favorite ‘accidental’ summer recipe–one that lends itself to yumminess and ease all year round! Hope to see you there! Also, two new reviews of books I’ve read to post sometime this upcoming Friday morning!



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