Only a Week; Feeling Good!

Hello everyone!

 I’m so perceptually impaired to time. (Five minutes. Five hours. What’s the difference?)  Not the best practice but I’m very excited to note I’ve only let only a week lapse between posts! 🙂 Sounds like I’m always saying the same ol’ thing but work is keeping me very busy; so far the school year has been manageable  but mid-spring nutty early on. Still missing Colleen (and I hear a lot of other faculty members do too, friend); please keep her and her honey in prayer during a long haul of challenging time. 

Okay, I won’t be long-winded here at all. Just wondering: what makes you feel good about yourself these days? It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. I’m thrilled to be surviving a houseful of Halloween candy, lol–and for the second year in a row. I’ve also pulled myself up by the proverbial bootstraps, revising a manuscript AGAIN but hopeful it will soon find a home. Hard when I believe in the storyline yet know the conflict can make or break readers accepting the work especially when the story doesn’t fit traditional genre guidelines. Part of the journey, right? 

   Probably an eighth of one son’s stash; the other has no less of a hoard. Good thing the candy we bought for trick-or-treaters went!

Diane Lang fans take note: my dynamo friend is hosting a stress-free-for-the-holidays this upcoming Thursday, November 11th from 7-8:30 PM, EST. For more details, go to her website. She has a slew of in-person and online events going on this month alone. Amazes me how she keeps track of it all! (And I’ve been lax about posting the great articles she sends; I’ll get on my case about getting her latest up this weekend.)

Back to feeling good: your turn to post what’s got your self-esteem up!

Wishing a happy and restful weekend to all,


11 thoughts on “Only a Week; Feeling Good!

    1. You go, girl. After a week of feeling too lethargic to pump the weights I’m back! Felt so good to get up yesterday and today and have energy and drive. Down or not, though, I made sure I walked every day or evening. Monday can be my exception: between work, dinner, homework and daily notes on my school kids time runs out before “Dancing with the Stars.” (But I’ve been known to strap on the wrist and ankle weights and do a few leg lifts during the show.

      Have a great weekend, Debra. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  1. Hi Joanna! I haven’t forgotten about you. My current self-esteem boosters? First, how about being on target for my first shot at NaNoWriMo? Since 12:01 a.m. Monday morning, I’ve written 7714 words. How’s that for a creative comeback?

    Next, there’s the great report card from the cardiologist – cut back on some meds, doesn’t want to see me for six months & he’s very pleased with me. What a relief!

    I can’t explain why or how, but I’ve changed my way of thinking about organizing my personal papers and other things. I’ve been able to recycle or shred a lot of old papers and file things away. That’s always been one of my weak points at home.

    I feel better about myself than I did before the heart attack. It’s amazing. But enough for now, I have another 1667 words to write tonight in order to keep the NaNo pace. I’ll get in touch with you soon.


    1. You have EVERY reason to be incredibly proud of yourself, Ann, as well as relieved. I’m very happy for you, too. My hubby is a cardiac patient–anything heart-related is understandably anxiety-provoking, but almost sounds like your health concerns have given you a different focus and/or perspective! Keep at the writing–can’t imagine that’s not one of the better therapies!


  2. Hi Joanna! Nice to hear about all of your wonderful accomplishments, I ate a Reese’s PB Cup last night so I’m a big No in the staying away from the candy checkbox.
    I’ve been out of a routine which is a good thing for me. I have been placing my time ahead of others. And still, I’m busy – what’s up with that?
    Keep going forward with the ms, there’s a home for your story, you’ll see and sign 🙂


  3. Okay, Vikki, no one said I ate NO candy–just a few pieces here and there when I really want it and not just b/c it’s there, lol. (Same thing with the Yodels hidden in the cabinet over the fridge, lol. I’m happy knowing they’re there IF I want one.)

    Same question at this end: how is it one never lacks for being busy?

    Always great to hear from you. Hope to see you soon 🙂


  4. I just completed the first draft of a short story. And I only started on it after receiving a contract for the last story I submitted to the magazine. The contract gave me the incentive to write the story, even though I’m mired in revisions for my novel. But switching back and forth between the short story and the revisions, kept my head on straight. Revising, especially for novel length, can start to get depressing after a while.

    Now that I’ve finished the story, I’m starting to feel good about the revision I’ve completed so far. Hoping to get back to the scene I got stuck on. I suddenly had that ah-ha moment on how to work it out.


  5. Excellent, Susan! (Clapping hands) I just finished judging a contest. That alone made me feel good, but it also helps me see my own work in a better light once I get back to it. Good luck with your revisions and the short story. So glad you stopped by 🙂


  6. I’m feeling terrific today because I had a great weekend. On Friday I had my first signing for my new novel, ONE BLOOD. I really didn’t think the shipment of books would arrive on time, and I was thrilled when the box showed up on my stoop on Thursday! Sold eight copies Friday night at a New Age bookstore in the next town (Pompton Lakes, NJ). Saturday morning, I attended a meeting of The Garden State Horror Writers in East Brusnwick, NJ, and sold two more copies to fellow members who were eagerly waiting for the book to come out. After that, I visited a friend and took her out to dinner for her birthday, and hung out there until Sunday. A relaxing and productive weekend! Unfortunately, now it’s back to work on a rainy, windy Monday…but I’ll try to keep the happy glow going.


    1. So proud and excited for you, EF! (So glad to have a new visitor to my blog, too 🙂 Aren’t those “firsts” associated w/a new book great? I can only speak for myself but work couldn’t hurt my “happy glow” when I got that first shipment–and every time another one arrives! Best wishes and best of luck as your writing journey continues to evolve. Hope to see you hear again!


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