Giving Thanks, Black Friday and Recipes

Belated but no less fervent wishes that Thanksgiving–for those who observe and/or celebrate it–was happy and memorable in only the best of ways! I’m truly blessed and very thankful; feeling privileged, too, for having this wonderful forum where I can connect with people all over the world–I mean, how incredible is to be able to do that?

This post should have gone up yesterday but I got caught up doing ‘busy’ things. (I didn’t even cook–no major mishaps like last year’s LOL comedy of errors to report.) We were privileged to be invited to my husband’s sister’s gorgeous home and spend the day with the always-fun ‘holiday core crowd’ on his side of the family. Fantastic meal and at least fourteen desserts to choose from; good thing we don’t do gather around food that often. I’d be a house!

So how awesome is it to eat turkey and stuffing with NYC 92.3 Now Radio’s own DJ David S? He’s family–one of the nicest, funniest and coolest guys out there! (Okay, so Nicholas says Uncle Chip takes first as funniest–sorry Dave!) My boys are very excited and looking forward to posting their pictures on Facebook! Come to think of it, so am I. :)) His fame is growing fast in our area and across the country too, from what I’m hearing. Look for him in an upcoming episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16; he’ll be DJ-ing, of course!

Next, those of you die-hard, get-out-there-with-the-rest-of-the-shopper/adventurers on Black Friday might want to skip my beefing. (Unless you’re connected via a mobile phone or I-pod, you won’t be seeing this anyway–at least for a while. God bless and keep you safe.)

Before I take this further, allow me to acknowledge that some people prefer to work, for personal and/or economic reasons. Maybe I’m a stick-in-the-mud, but I get a little crazy thinking about those who might want to spend the US’s least-commercial major holiday hanging out with family but can’t because they’re given no choice about work. BTW, back in the day when Black Friday was just a crazy shopping day with fairly regular hours, I had no problem with it. I’ll never forget though, the first–and only time–my mom and I hit the mall on said day. We were flabbergasted at the amount of people out there and even nervous: the second floor of the mall bounced under the weight of all the foot traffic!  Hubby ventured out once too, after a great TV deal. By BF standards he got to the store late, wound up parking at the farthest end of the lot and dragged a 32-inch TV back to the car by hand. (This before the days of flat-screens, so some of you can easily picture the size of that box! Never occurred to him to take his hand-truck, lol.)

What bothers me is how insane–and even dangerous the whole thing has gotten. Department stores open at 3 AM? (That means workers have to be there well before that.) Other chains that open on Thanksgiving itself and stay open right through to Friday?? (Sorry if I sound preachy, but shouldn’t a day that’s supposed to be about family supercede material gain? I suppose those waiting for the electronics’ specials can pick up a turkey dinner at the nearest diner and chat with a fellow shopper while camping in the warmth of the store; they can also take turns picking up other necessessities with a hold-my-place-in-line buddy–one caveat.) Guess I’m getting old; I still love staying up late but the thought of an all-nighter in–and especially outside–a store overwhelms me. And how does one forget the shopper trampled to death last year while trying to get into one of our country’s largest chain retailers? (Not that the media covers the minor and even severe injuries that inevitably happen too.) Is getting that toaster for $3 or saving a hundred dollars on a laptop or big-screen TV really worth the life of a fellow shopper?

Okay, no more soapbox.

Inspiration comes everywhere, including the check-out line at the supermarket on the afternoon before Thanksgiving. I was standing in line and talking to the woman in front of me. (Those of you who know me know I’ll talk to anybody who’ll listen. :)) I was jabbering on about different recipe ideas and commented on one of my favorites. Flash! went the light bulb in my head and voila! two very simple recipes for you: easy chicken soup (delectable–works for turkey too I’m sure); the stuffed mushrooms are just as easy–possibly easier! Both recipes taste like they take lots of time but don’t–my favorite kind. Check out my Recipe Central page–I should have them up by tomorrow!

And that, my friends, wraps it up for Black Friday at my end. For those of you so inclined, feel free to share your opinion on this wild, uniquely American (?) day.  And those into my recipes, I’d love to know how you make out with any you try!

Stay safe and have a great one,


4 thoughts on “Giving Thanks, Black Friday and Recipes

  1. Joanna, you crack me up. You’re absolutely right. Too much commercialism. I’ve been out shopping on Black Friday in previous years. I didn’t stand in line. I didn’t have to go out at midnight. I chose to go out around 6 a.m. and didn’t run into many lines outside.

    In those years, I shopped for a couple hours then went for a coffee break. I talked to each one of the store clerks and several people in the lines with me. I even helped people locate items that I’d seen a few minutes before.

    Why people would go out at such an unreasonable hour and stand in long lines just to get inside the store is beyond me. My time is more valuable than that. I’d rather be home with family or friends. I didn’t have the energy to deal with it this year. I wrote a lot, had lunch with a friend, and started decorating for Christmas.


  2. Sounds like a much better way to spend the day. After I got this post together I cleaned upstairs then attacked my desk. I filed a slew of papers that dated back as far–if not farther than last June (from school) then found ANOTHER binder w/more papers!!!! For a break, I threw together a quick dinner of leftover soup, Thanksgiving sides and grilled cheese for the kids.

    Now I’m heading out to the store w/my son. Shouldn’t be that bad at this hour. All those who stood in line in the wee hours are probably home in bed.

    Christmas decorating and putting away the fall decor tomorrow 🙂


    1. Well, you had a very productive day.I may still go out to a store or two before the end of the weekend. More to see the decorations than to buy anything. Who knows what kind of ideas that will give me. I have a story I’m writing that I may submit to something early next year. I need to be out in the stores right now for a little scene research.


      1. I’m thinking I had an obsessive day but your way sounds better. Have fun w/your research–sounds like fun 🙂


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