On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

The sky turned white and dumped on everything in sight!  We did not break the Blizzard of 1996 record but 25+ inches of snow in this area is enough to slow down a town big-time.  Moved a lot of the white stuff (thank goodness it was the powdery, lighterweight version) and went right in for a nap afterwards. FYI, tried to post early this AM, but the ISP of choice turned unexpectedly uncooperative just about the time I’d finished! Here are some photos, as well as a few of the house decorated for Christmas.

Look for author Laura Hogg this upcoming Wednesday! I invited her over for a guest stop ages ago and I fell behind Now there’s a surprise.  Thank God I’ve been blessed with understanding souls.

Enjoy and see you all nextime 🙂 Stay warm! 



Two by two–deeper and deeper they go–oh, the joy of digging them out. Makes for some serious upper body sculpting though–always a bright side, right?  🙂


My how things change! Hubby’s garden, August and December, 2010.

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