Off with the New Year!

Happy 2011 everyone! Hope the new year keeps its challenges to a minimum and outfits us with the means to handle them in the best (or most efficient) way possible.

Okay, I will not be so full of myself to promise I’ll be as consistent with posts and guest blogs as I’d like, but I do promise to be more consistent than last year. In the meantime, allow me to promote my writer-friend Jenn Nixon’s January guest-blog schedule, of which I am fortunate enough to be part of this Friday!

Here’s the schedule (of course I’m a bit behind–surprise, surprise–you can always scroll down, lol, and not miss a thing!). For those of you looking for new authors and stories to get to know, check in daily at her place (link below) and take it from there!

Author Jenn Nixon is pleased to announce her New Year’s Blog Tour: Meet New Authors & Editors in the New Year starting January 1st 2011. The Blog Tour, hosted at http://jennafern. blogspot. com/ will feature interviews and blog posts from award winning authors and editors from across the United States. Post comments for your favorite author, connect with other readers, writers, and editors!

Guest Bloggers:
January 1st – Carlene Rae Dater
January 2nd – Lois Winston
January 3rd – Jeffrey Barbieri
January 4th – Leigh Ellwood
January 5th – Cherie Reich
January 6th – Shoban Bantwal
January 7th – Joanna Aislinn 
January 8th – Chris Redding
January 9th – Rick Silva

Thanks for indulging me! TTYS and have a great day,