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On this Monday during which we honor the late and very great Doctor Martin Luther King:

Good day, all! (Practicing my Aussie greeting in honor of my down-under cousins and the Australian Tennis Open Championships already at least 15 hours underway. Go Rafa!)

Special thanks to my recent guest , western romance author Anna Kathryn Lanier , for spurring this short post out of me. (And for getting me to seriously consider WHY this is a very necessary step EVERYONE—myself first in line—who sees that computer, I-pod, Android or other device as the daily lifeline should be taking pronto. Make sure to read Anna’s excellent post.)

The reference for this information is directly from an article I read in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, July 2009. (Don’t ask. I bought a subscription thinking I’d actually do something with $$$ I don’t have, but at least I’ve learned a few things should I ever hit as big as Nora or Stephanie…you know ;))

As of this past Friday I checked all the links below and found each to be functional. Available to those who want it: lots of great virtual/cloud back-up for free (or a nominal fee–please check  each website for more details).

Windows Live Sky Drive (25 GB free): Sign up for a Windows Live account; your MS Hotmail account or X-box Live works, too. Sounds simple enough to use: drag files from you Windows desktop to online folders. (Sorry. No additional storage options and no Mac support—but you can view documents saved on a Mac.) I’m learning as I go here, but just from the website I’m seeing you can also share stored documents via e-mail and/or with groups.

ADrive (50 GB free): Signature and Premium paid storage is beyond reasonable (max $140/year). Compare their plans here—great detail in chart form. (I may be looking at this one myself. Looks like Mac and Linus users can get their needs met  along with the PC crowd.)

Apple’s MobileMe works for Mac and PC aficionados. Price: $99/year for 20 GB (after a 60-day free trial). Seems a bit pricey, especially compared to ADrive, but MobileMe offers the ability to sync your contacts no matter where they’re stored, among other services.

I’m sure if I actually searched, I’d find a lot more to add. Use this as a springboard if none of these float your virtual boat.

FYI: The Kiplinger’s Personal Finance article I referred to had a second section on backing up your cell phone. (As Verizon Wireless user I love that Backup Assistant.) Maybe we’ll make that a post for another time—unless a yet-to-be-named guest-blogger wants to take that one on—I’m open to the idea. Interested parties please e-mail me via my website. Thanks, Joy, for your current inquiry. Looking forward to having you here!)

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  1. So much helpful information, Joanna! Thank you!
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