Band Together, Moms!

As mothers whose work is NEVER done–whether you’re paid for what you do in/out of the house or not–how hard we tend to be on ourselves inspired this article. And since we’re talking wellness and mommy-spirit and balance is what my good friend, educator and life coach Diane Lang is all about, what better place to post than at her brand new blog?

We’ll start here:

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. I signed into Facebook on a Sunday morning, and my UK friend and fellow author Rachel Brimble popped up a comment that suggested she was a little freaked out about being alone at home: Not sure how this happened, but I am writing alone, in an empty house, on a Sunday! Eeekkk!!  Read on…

See you at Diane’s place 🙂



2 thoughts on “Band Together, Moms!

  1. Well, I am very flattered to have partially inspired this post, Joanna…even if it was because of my excitement at watching my family walk out the front door on a Sundayb ; ) Fabulous advice, as always. I am slowly learning as I get older that if something makes you happy or feeds your soul, you should NEVER apologise for that.

    Rachel x


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