Tribute to DJ Hip Hop

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Just caught my ‘blunder’: in the previous post I’d also ‘named’ my little buddy Triple H but changed it  b/c there is a wrestler in the WWE (or one of those organizations) by the same name. Guess I forgot to make the changes in the post my subscribers received. I apologize for that oversight and will be making the correction now, hence the second delivery to your inbox. I appreciate your patience.

I do not lay claim to what you are about to read. (I’ll family members authoured this lovely piece; it came directly from the program for this child’s Celebration of Life Memorial Service. Any potentially identifying information has been changed to insure privacy.)

Hip Hop Harry a.k.a. DJ Hip Hop—Portrait of a Life

Today we celebrate the life of the incredible, amazing, talented superstar, a brave warrior, a mighty fighter, our hero and miracle child who brought so much joy, laughter and happy moments to his dear mother, family and friends. His name is DJ Hip Hop. Our brave resilient DJ Hip Hop; and we rejoice because DJ Hip Hop is at peace, in paradise with the Lord.

DJ Hip Hop was born four years and a half years ago. Right from the day he was born to the day he gallantly, heroically left for home almost one month ago, DJ Hip Hop made it clear, through his actions that he was going to go through his journey of life according to his own rules. Defying all odds against him, he survived open heart surgery at 2 months, multiple catheterizations to open up his pulmonary veins, a heart and lung transplant and second lung transplant all in the four and a half years that he spent here with us. Did his medical predicament impact negatively on his life? DJ Hip Hop wouldn’t let it.

DJ Hip Hop was good looking and had a head of hair that endeared him to so many people and became his ‘trademark’. His charming smile and vivacious personality made him a strong and attractive life force. He was always full of life; had a good sense of humor and was very witty. He always made you smile with his anecdotes and jokes. He had a strong and charming personality and was very confident about himself and what he wanted (or didn’t want) at any precise moment in his life. He would argue his way out of situations like a seasoned lawyer and so his granddad called him ‘lawyer’ (attorney). DJ Hip Hop would never let up until he won an argument. DJ Hip Hop was clearly too intelligent for his age and certainly too intelligent for his own good!!!

DJ Hip Hop was a very sensitive and caring child. He would put up a brave front to comfort his mother and other family members. He saw the positives in situations, whether if he was in hospital or recovering from surgery. His sense of humor never waned, and his love for music always took him through those trying times at multiple renowned children’s hospitals. DJ Hip Hop was the only child who could sit up in his hospital bed with a breathing tube and ‘rap’ and ‘scratch’ and DJ £way. lie certainly did things his own way.

He loved life, loved music and knew how to have a good time. At home he would get all his family together to sing songs and have musical performances during which times he would play his drums, guitar, harmonica, maracas and all the other musical instruments that he grew to love. He would also dance and sing and he made sure that everybody around him played a part in his show which we rightly named “The DJ Hip Hop Show”.

Hip Hop Harry, “DJ Hip Hop’s” inspiration (image from

DJ Hip Hop had a charm about him that made him a love bug, everyone who met and knew him, loved him. He was a love magnet; he attracted people to himself not because they felt sorry for his condition, but because of his strength, courage, resilience and positive outlook on life. He touched the lives of so many people in so many ways. He was an amazing kid! He was intelligent and his medical challenges never dulled his intellect. He loved all animals and had a special interest in dinosaurs which inspired him to name his grammy, “grammysaurus”. He would go around the house, spreading his white powder on the hardwood floor to track for dinosaur prints.

Needless to say, DJ Hip Hop drew his strength from the Lord. His relationship with God was…awesome. It was a “real-time online” connection – truly spiritual, and mysterious in a way that we had never seen a child connect with his God. DJ Hip Hop would call on God and God would answer him directly and we bear testimony to that. Within a day of personally asking God for his heart and lungs he got them. When he needed a second set of lungs he called out to God and told Him he was in trouble, within 24 hrs of being re-listed he got it. His favorite song was “How Great Is Our God”.

DJ Hip Hop was given to us on this earth for a short period of time. During this time, he brightened our lives and touched us in ways that we find hard to express. He had this attitude for life because he was surrounded by love, by the selfless dedication of his family especially his mother and her “twin sist.” (his aunty), as well as friends who enjoyed him and gave him their love in appreciation and admiration of his courage.

DJ Hip Hop will remain in our hearts forever. This is not a “goodbye” it’s a “see you later”. As he and his mother used to say, “I’ll see you in 2 minutes”.

DJ Hip Hop leaves behind his strong, caring and loving mother, his courageous daddy, his grieving and heartbroken great aunt; his “Grammysaurus” and grandpa; all his grand aunties and grand uncles, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends.

(Along with the rest of us who’ll miss him something fierce and smile as we remember him with love all our days.)


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  1. Hi everyone,
    Just caught my ‘blunder’: in the previous post I’d also ‘named’ my little buddy Triple H but changed it b/c there is a wrestler in the WWE (or one of those organizations) by the same name. Guess I forgot to make the changes in this post. I apologize for that oversight and will be making the correction now.


  2. It is so hard to believe that he is not here anymore! Anyone who knew him loved him. I fell in love with him the very 1st day that I met him. I told mom that she had to share him with me because he was just that special! He was a miracle and a true fighter! And his mother…the strength of this woman!!! He was an angel and he is now in heaven watching over the angel that he left here, his mother! This is such a beautiful family and I am so glad that they embraced me and allowed me to love this little miracle child. He may be gone from here but he will NEVER be forgotten!


    1. You said it beautifully, Mz. Dii. It is nice to feel a part of all this, even though it turned out sad. One look at that handsome little face still makes my day.

      Thanks so much for your words. Glad we got to share him too, in a way.


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