The Signs are Everywhere

Good morning everyone,

I started writing this post on a Saturday morning–encouraged after a walk in the early morning drizzle.

Huh? Well, the snow and ice are gone, the temperature was above freezing and it was actually warm in my NY Giants winter jacket, lol. I didn’t need gloves and I could see the grass on every lawn I passed. What really excited me though, were the bulbs already peeking through the dirt: crocuses, daffodils and my favorite, hostas. (I’m always amazed at the difference in height from morning to late afternoon those days that particular plant is sprouting.) The hydrangeas already have buds too.

Got me thinking: No matter the severity of the winter weather preceding it, spring arrives on schedule. Bulbs sprout and trees bud; seems all plants do what they’re programmed to do. As an author, mom, day-job holder, etc. should I be any different? Life gets me crazy sometimes, but I find encouragement and strength in the world around me: reminders I can do so much of what I set my mind to, regardless of the situations surrounding me. (That takes me back to my own post on getting things done in increments as opposed to knocking out a job all at once. Every now and again one really must remember to practice what one preaches.)

Case in point: besides this post, I haven’t been able to focus and do any work or writing-related writing all weekend. Though frustrated, I wasn’t accomplishing anything by staring at the screen or searching the net. Okay, maybe I’d catch up with the blogs I follow but that’s not where I needed to be.

So I channeled my energies in an alternate direction and worked on other tasks. I started putting away the winter décor (one box down and two to go). I hung curtains and pictures in my bedroom now that hubby and I finally agreed on a color and it’s actually painted, lol! I’m researching, jotting down notes and getting to know characters for a rewrite of a book that’s been on the virtual shelf for a few years. (I even outfitted a friend’s computer with some things she needed—just a way of paying forward the knowledge I’ve gained through the years. Thanks, Wilson!)

I suppose, like those programmed plants and the spring that WILL come no matter what, I wound up doing some of the things I do routinely as winter shifts into my favorite season.  As a writer I’m not necessarily where I want to be but I know I’ve moved from where I was. Maybe I need to give myself a break. Like the changing of the seasons, my journey will manifest itself exactly as its supposed to, in its time, which is not necessarily mine.

Does that mean I sit here and do nothing to foster growth and change? Of course not. Going back to my plants, I clean the garden of last year’s plant remains, prune and cut back hydrangeas, mums, etc. I do what I need to do to encourage and guide the new growth that will take place anyway.

Now that I’ve confused all of you, lol, I’m off. A valance needs to go up on that lone window at the top of the stairs and a new picture needs a home in the living room.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance previously or weren’t aware, I’m visiting with PL Parker all week. We love visitors!

Have a great day and check in on Friday for ‘The Most Outrageous Thing!’ Thanks!


4 thoughts on “The Signs are Everywhere

  1. I thank you, Maeve, for stopping by. I believe we do need to keep moving forward and things will fall into place–often better than they would have had I forced things to occur.


  2. I wonder about the history behind that expression. Never heard anything like it. What does that mean?


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