It’s an Awesome Day

Perspective makes it so, friends.

National State Forest, NH   August 2010

Here it is, Saturday morning as I tap out these thoughts. I’m supposed to be writing reports (and I’ll get to them, right after this, and after I check the Roses of Prose blog for any comments I should be responding to; then I’ll update my Facebook status and…somehow I do find my way back).

Anyway, as I poured my first cup of coffee I was doing some internal grumpin’ ‘bout having paperwork to do on a Saturday again. Then I thought about earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactors, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan and the 194 photos I looked at earlier. My perspective shifted and now, I’m beyond grateful for this cup of joe I can pour when I want. My home is intact and everyone in it safe. I can pick up the phone, call my mom and pretty much count on her answering. I mixed Greek yogurt with French vanilla creamer and crumbled freshly made peppermint chocolate into it. I get to share these thoughts with you. (And so far, I’ve kept it brief, which means I’ll be getting to that paperwork sooner than I thought.)

My first-name friends and I call this an ‘attitude of gratitude.’

Makes all the difference.

Your turn to share about how attitude, gratitude and perspective influence your day!

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Have a wonderful day and hope to see you tomorrow at my UK friend and fellow author’s blog, Rachel Brimble! We’ll be talking men. 😉


5 thoughts on “It’s an Awesome Day

  1. so true – gratitude is needed to feel happier in our everyday lives. Always try to add gratitude to your day and I agree Happiness is a perspective


  2. Getting in late tonight–today was a little crazy with some unexpected running around in completely opposite directions to throw off my afternoon. Thank you for stopping in, Joy and Diane. As Abraham Lincoln was known for saying, “A man is about as happy as he makes his mind up to be.” (Pretty sure I got the words and the author right–at least I hope so 🙂


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