Handling A Dire Situation with Dignity

Happy Saturday, friends. As this posts, I’ll be getting ready to attend ‘Create Something Magical,’ Liberty States Fiction Writers second annual conference. I  am blessed to be able to do so.

Guess this Japan earthquake/tsunami/potential nuclear crisis thing really has me thinking these days. Came across this article and thought it worth sharing. The Japanese seem to be handling the events of the past week with a resolve and dignity that is impressive, to say the least.




2 thoughts on “Handling A Dire Situation with Dignity

  1. When you read things like this it brings you down to earth. It also says to me that no matter what people appear to be like in this me me me society of ours, when everything is taken away most people are helpful and good and willing to share no matter how little they have. 🙂


    1. As emotional beings one hopes never to have to deal with such dire circumstances. Hopefully though, one can count on the goodness and strength in ourselves and others to survive and overcome. Thanks for stopping in, Christopher. Your comment is appreciated.


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