Friday Fun: The Most Outrageous Thing

We’re gearing up for the weekend, friends–always fun to look forward to! 

I’m sure this falls under “Help Thy Neighbor” but this is probably the craziest thing that EVER happened to me (and I’m pretty sure I haven’t shared it before so, here goes):

Several (okay, many) moons ago I was in my hometown’s business district and had just completed some shopping. Long story short, I’d locked myself out of my car, headed back into the store I’d just left and asked for a hanger. (My dad’s car still had that pull-up lock button with the rounded, slightly larger end.) Guess I’d left the driver’s side window open just enough to pull the window toward me so I could stick the hanger in (now pulled apart with one end shaped into a circle to hook around the lock button). Have you all got my visual yet?

A silver pick-up truck pulls up and two young guys jump out. (The third one kept the truck running.) “Hey lady! We’ll help you. We’re from _________!”  (Please insert name of worst-crime town in the vicinity you can think of.) One grabbed the window and pulled it out while the other reached in and pulled up the lock. Before I could utter my thanks, those guys were back in the truck and gone.

Go figure. Definitely one of my favorite life episodes.  Now it’s your turn! Have fun!

A wonderful weekend to all,


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