Quick word re: ‘hiatus’

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for being so wonderfully loyal–I so appreciate it, more than I can convey with–yes, words! Situation is improving steadily but still very bogged down with work and other things. Please note I am trying to get on my game as much as I can within the framework of the very disorganized and/or distracting life I tend to live, lol. (Some of it is personality, some it is life-stuff that just…happens.)

Anyway, this is for those to whom a spot in the bloglight has been promised. I will get your interviews and/or guest posts up there–your patience is much appreciated. If you feel too much time has elapsed, please feel free to send that ‘nudgy’ e-mail I’m sure I need to spur me to further action. I’m always good for a little push–and sometimes a BIG one.

One quick final item: if you’re in the Union, NJ area this Friday, 4/29, I’d love to have you stop by our high school’s vendor night! I’ll be peddling my debut along with fellow Wild Rose Press author and writer of the paranormal, M. Flagg, from 7-10. (What a great hubby–didn’t mind me choosing a table over him on our wedding anniversary!)

And stop by the blog Friday for a very special, anniversary-related post!

Wishing all of you a wonderful day,


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