Looking for the sugar…

to sweeten the juice I need to squeeze out of the lemons life is handing me these days.

Hi everyone,

Just a quickie for Positive Energy Mondays: doing the best I can with what I’ve got right now. Looking at  my blessings, focusing on what I can do during a time when life keeps getting in my way.

How do you handle ‘those’ days? Please take a moment to inspire me and the rest of us who visit here. 🙂

Later this week: Wednesday: The art of ‘tagging’ with Young Adult author CR Wills. (This guy is loaded with great craft ideas, technique, etc–and he writes pretty darn well too. If you’re already up on the tagging game, Chris and I are great for tagging our respective works–thank you–a simple click means a lot, as you’ll see Wednesday. And while you’re at it, a Tweet or click on any/all of the share links below is much appreciated!)

Fridays: Tune in for fun!

A blessed day to all,


2 thoughts on “Looking for the sugar…

  1. I find 15-20 minutes of exercise to be a great way to “reset” my mind and strengthen my body at the same time. I’ve also found that if I don’t feel like working out, that is proof that I need to! It feels good to be in control of at least one thing on “those” days. Forcing myself to write and get into an imaginary world for an hour or so is also very helpful.


  2. Heading out for that stress-reducing walk as we speak. Report after that (I hope, which will help make this less one of ‘those’ days. Thanks, Anna 🙂


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