FAFF: Joanna is…

keeping it simple and wants to know: have you ever ‘seen’ any of your characters anywhere in your physical and/or virtual (i.e., TV) travels?

Examples from No Matter Why:

Carrie Norwell could easily be a teacher at one of my schools, as could be Jessica, her best friend.

Billy Jay’s first ‘appearance’ came at one of my son’s little league games: I asked for a hot dog at the concessions stand and guess who sold it to me?(Found out later the guy was a parent at one of the schools where I work. Who knew?) And the first time I saw Nate Burkus–before I even knew he was Nate Burkus, I recognized Billy Jay’s infectious smile and amazing blue eyes. Paul Walker makes a pretty good stand-in any day, too.

Jack Donovan happened to be on a hayride hubby and I took the kids on years ago. I can still see that man sitting in his red flannel shirt; Jack got his ruddy complexion that day. (Think he invested in skin care or contracted an awesome makeup artist: recently Jack was flashing a drop-dead grin while masquerading as Chris Jericho on ‘Dancing with the Stars’).

So where are some of the places your characters have shown up? Looking for reader experiences too! Have any of your favorite characters ever walked past you?

Have a great weekend everyone,