Doing What I Can

Happy Monday friends! Always nice to be present as a new week begins.

   How blessed am I with a romantic who’s got a flare for the beautiful? Hubby–who gets to grapple with our anniversary, my birthday and Mother’s Day in the span of ten days every year–gathered these from our yard and put them together exactly as you see them spur of the moment, when I teasingly asked about Mother’s Day flowers. (I’d already gotten a gorgeous bouquet a little over a week ago, for our 16th wedding anniversary.) Something tells me these will be my all-time-favorites–it’s all about the romance, right? As always, I get distracted. Anyway…

Time: Like so many, I’ve been struggling with the busyness of everyday plus the added time suck of doing the best I can to help a family member who is struggling with health issues. My immediate family still needs the daily input only ‘Mom’ and wife can provide (or so they think, lol).

I realize I’m not alone when I say I’ve had a lot on my plate this past school year and especially these past two to three months. So many of us do–seems like that’s the way of today (or just the way it’s been through the ages, but with more focus on the emotional connotations life has). Either way, I’ve had to do a lot of self-talk lately, and making sure I do at least one thing for myself a day. (Last week got really hairy: I didn’t get to sit down and watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and have yet to catch up with it online–slated as my Mother’s Day gift to self–which, I never got to do. See what I mean about hairy? I did, however, have a very enjoyable day.)

Here’s how I incorporated a few of my good friend Diane Lang’s tips for handling stress:

At work: I handed over three major write-up projects–there just isn’t enough time allotted to meet the deadlines. I had to ask for help.

Saturday wound up so busy: I managed to get a diner cup of coffee by 9:30 PM and my walk in an hour later. (Both on my be-good-to self list.)

And as I write this? I’m at the laundromat on Mother’s Day, catching up on some schoolwork and grateful to be doing so uninterrupted: no “Mom!” or “Jo”–besides, hubby and the boys needed time to scramble for a last-minute gift, right?

So how do “do what you can” when life stacks your plate high?

Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by,

6 thoughts on “Doing What I Can

  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! Thoughtful hubby, indeed.

    I believe you’re right about squeezing in at least a little time for yourself each day. I make myself rise at 5am each day to get in excercise and prayer time-at least a few minutes worth-before facing another human being. I certainly don’t need to cope with resentment (which accompanies self-deprevation) along with the other challenges life offers on a daily basis!:)
    You are Wonder-Woman! Keep inspiring us!


    1. Love the part about facing another human being (or, as my younger son used to say, ‘hooman bean’) AFTER some early morning time to myself. I never connected self-deprivation and resentment, even though intellectually, I get that.

      Wonder Woman? I am so not but I appreciate the faith you have in me, Anna. Thank you. (Now how do I get a bod like hers?)


  2. Joanna,

    I love the flowers your husband put together. What a guy!

    Coincidentally, I have started to put some things on my ‘me time’ list. I have just realized (or re-realized) that creativity dries up if you force it hour after hour day after day. And while taking time out to read a book, nap, or enjoy a walk in the park might seem like a self-indulgent waste of time, it is actually necessary to keep the creativity flowing. Great blog!


    1. Hi Jodie,

      So nice of you to stop in for a visit! Thanks for taking the time and for your very kind words! I know what you mean about forcing the creativity–so tonight I spent most of my time reading. Hope you’ll visit again 🙂


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