“Every Match is (a) Final”…

the phenomenal Rafa Nadal is known to say. That’s why he’s the world’s Number One tennis player today and already the world’s best ever–except he doesn’t know it yet (or is far too humble to say so).

Hi all! It’s been a while–I know and I am truly sorry. School and other areas of my life get me so busy I truly can’t think straight. To all of you who subscribe or follow along here in any shape or form, my deepest gratitude. You all humble me.

  Rafa Nadal French Open Tennis Champion 2011/Getty Images

So NBC Sports’ Mary Carillo wants to know (as I paraphrase her question): How is it the “Greatest Player of All Time” (Roger Federer) can’t beat the greatest player of his own time (Rafael Nadal)?

When it comes to losing at the majors these past nine (?) years, and with the exception of one loss each to another player, all these amazing players’ major final wins/losses have been to each other on the various surfaces they’ve played. How cool is that?  (I’m thinking one of the best tennis rivalries ever; throw Djokovic into the mix and add Del Potro on his best, injury-free day and men’s tennis just doesn’t get better. Can’t wait until Wimbledon!)

By now you all know what made me tremendously happy this past weekend: Another awesome major tennis tournament final and my absolute favorite player (up there with my only other absolute favorite player, Stefan Edberg), emerging as the winner again! Love any Rafa-Roger final–always a nail-biter. Always fun and exciting to watch. 🙂

Anyway, so glad to be able to check in! Here’s to a wonderful week ahead to all!