She Waited Long Enough!

Good day, all!

Two school days to go, Wimbledon is in full force and I’m blogging again.  Life is good!

Before I move into the fun stuff, I’d like to take a moment and remember Clarence Clemons, saxophonist extraordinaire for NJ’s own Bruce Springsteen and later, solo artist. I was quite saddened by the Big Man’s passing but know the legacy he believed he was born to leave behind (bringing joy) will go on. Had the pleasure of seeing Clarence play with the E Street Band live once—awesome show, exuberantly led by a guy who exuded fun and goodness. He will be missed.

Back to today’s order of business: If everything happens for a reason (the topic of my  previous post) then it was meant for me to completely format, photo and tag
Pat’s interview—only to lose it when a glitch (?) in the browser failed to save and deleted all my work.  (Spme other glitch seems to be messing with my formatiing, so please excuse the appearance if not all the text is where it should be.) I’m not sure, Pat. Maybe this interview wasn’t meant to be?

Actually, folks, I’m very happy to set this up again. (Think it turned out better.) I’d invited today’s very kind soul and online friend to be a guest sometime in February (?). Unfortunately, timing issues on both sides and the work-related chaos springtime heaped upon my head brings us to today. Pat has been gracious and patient throughout this time. For that, I thank her and now proudly present:

  Poet, Ghostwriter and Author: Pat Andres

Author of  Love From the Ashes, MAGGIE: A Savannah Dog and ROSEANNA : A Savannah Squirrel (each available from Pat!)


So tell us, Pat: what do you love best about  writing?

I am in love with  words. The rhyme of poetry, the flights of prose enchant me, take me outside  myself. The process of bringing out my thoughts using language is irresistible.

What do you like least?

Marketing and  promotion, unlike writing, are very hard.

To this I can really relate. Since January,  I’ve spent quite a bit of time learning about social media, an absolute necessity in today’s digitally-driven world. I recently realized I’m currently working on my ‘third’ education.

 Sorry! Wound up off-topic. What got you started?

I was an only child  for many years. My grandmother, an immigrant who did not read, warned me that  reading would ruin my eyes. I used to hide under the porch and read my way  through our tiny two-room public library before I was ten years old.

Talk about different worlds. My dad was so into my reading he’d patiently wait at the library while I took out the maximum number of books I could. I was so attached to my books, I’d use my stomach to keep one in place while I ate dinner, lol. He never said a word.

I did it again. (Hangs head and shakes it.) Back to Pat: what keeps you writing?

I have a keen interest in the lives of people I meet. Everyone has a story that deserves to
be told. I’m finishing a biography of a transgender person that has taught me how difficult existence can be outside the mainstream we call “normal.” Focusing on the conflicts and growth of others has changed the way I view life in allits grand array. There is more than one kind of flower in the field, after all.

Where do you get story and character ideas?

I’m a watcher. I look around me and imagine how I can illustrate human characteristics using words the way a painter captures a person on canvas.

How do you promote your work?

I use word of mouth and social networks like e-mail, Facebook and my website. I also distribute giveaways.

Contact Pat: pattyflea2003@ (Bet she loves feedback on her stories ;))

Find Pat here:   (Chances are, she loves visitors!)

Thanx, Joanna, for the opportunity to show off.

You are so very welcome, Pat; my thanks to YOU.  So sorry this took so long. If, however, we’re all exactly where we’re supposed to be in God’s plan, then this was meant to take place today, right?

 Thanks to all of you who took the time to support my friend and me! Don’t ever underestimate how much each of you (known and unknown) means to me.  

How about we spend Friday having some fun beefing about pet peeves? Bring yours and share. A good kvetching session is always in order, lol.

 A great day to all,


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    1. Hi Jacquie–so nice to have you visit! Thanks so much for your very kind compliments. Please come again! 😀


    1. Tried to fix those formatting issues at least three times. They didn’t show up in the visual editor window but kept showing in the preview screen. (I haven’t learned HTML–maybe I’ll make that my fourth education, lol.)

      Thanks so much for stopping in, Calisa. (What a great name!) I’m so glad we finally got a chance to know Pat better!


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