FAFF: Who Let the Vents Out?

Happy Friday people! (And happy wedding anniversary to Maria-Sammy and Joe–20 years today! Wow.)

Off this week and gearing up for the second and final Wimbledon weekend! (Bites nails while waiting to see which of my heroes will be swinging for the title on Centre Court. ) Been working on getting caught up with blogs, cleaning the house (Check!) and yard, gardening (Check!) and start brainstorming/plotting my next story (Check!). And of course Wimbledon fills any time lags! (When do people have time to work for pay?)

So who doesn’t love to vent? As I mentioned in a previous post, a good kvetching session is always in order, especially when the focus is on getting frustrations out and NOT being hurtful or spiteful, face-to-face or on public forums.

A few of my pet peeves:

Cats that miss the litter box. (‘Nough said.)

Using funds donated to pay solicitors: This one instantly went on the list sometime week, following a call from a children’s “final wishes” charity. After going through a list of suggested donations (starting at $100) I posed my husband’s favorite question: What percentage of the donation goes directly to the cause?

After informing me this was a paid solicitation the caller provided a breakdown. Twelve percent??? Seriously? I told her kindly I only donate to charities that make more efficient use of funds. (Many do. Ask.)

Bringing day-job work home. Once my hours are clocked, my life should be mine.

Misuse of similar words by people whose general or specific level of education strongly suggests they know better!

“Nouning” a verb! (And its flip side.)

Cooking BEFORE I know everyone ate elsewhere.

Any athlete who lives and train in one country but represents another. Don’t get me started.

I had a better list somewhere–probably on that darned dining room table that grows papers and “stuff”–but these work. Maybe some of yours match mine. Have some fun folks! Vent!

Have a great Fourth of July weekend, folks! Long wave the Stars and Stripes!






2 thoughts on “FAFF: Who Let the Vents Out?

  1. I have the tennis match on right next to me as I write this! We watch a lot of tennis around here – my 18 year old son is a player!

    Personal gripes – hmmmm – bad drivers, that is high on my list – the rules are clear, there are signs everywhere, but do people pay attention – nooooooo!


  2. I hear you on that one. Swear I can drive NYC roads w/o a hitch b/c of how people drive on one of the main drags in my hometown.

    Yep, tennis match on NBCsports.com while I file MONTHS worth of schoolwork.

    Another pet peeve? Commercials on cable television. Didn’t we pay for it already?


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