Oh Say Can You See…

Wimbledon’s latest royal addition and the world’s new Number One ranked player?


Wow. A little rough on the Rafa fans, yes, but–fine!–we’ll let The Djok borrow the crown. Besides, how can one NOT be infected by that exuberant smile? Well done, Novak. You’ve earned your place among Wimbledon’s elite and this die hard tennis fan!

In other Aislinn news, the garden begins giving back:

Zucchini and pumpkin blossoms will be on the menu at hubby’s BBQ for the Fourth. (Think I should go watch Independence Day or maybe 1776 or something. I do NOT plan on cleaning. Spent close to nineteen hours shuffling papers and emptying ‘dumping ground’ baskets since Friday past–ran out of Wimbledon before I finished all the jobs that need to be done around here. :))

On Wednesday, look for something writing-related, lol. Haven’t decided if it will be an author interview or craft. FAFF tbd as well.

Happy Fourth to all that recognize and celebrate the freedom the USA provides. Thanks to our forefathers who fought to establish it, and to those TODAY who continue to maintain it. As easy as it is to gripe about so many things, in so many ways, God truly blesses the United States.

Have a great day,


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  1. Think your basket moniker is much more appropo than mine, Joy. Take care and ttys! (BTW, haven’t forgotten you–that little request is on the ‘to do’ list along w/a few others.)


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