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Welcome to Wednesday! Before I jet off to work–two four hour mornings a week for three weeks but who’s counting, especially when there is little or no paperwork to bring home…?

Quick note to those who are in the area and looking to brush up on writing-related topics in a positive and supportive atmosphere where authors of all levels and genres rub elbows:

I’m ridiculously excited to announce I’ll be teaching my very first workshop to my fellow writers this upcoming Saturday at the Edison Public Library! (Click here for details!)

Sorry! Sidetracked, as usual. 😀

Which is kind of how I came across Ruth A. Casie,  a fellow Liberty States Fiction Writer who’s debut novel, Knight of Runes (Carina Press), is scheduled to hit virtual shelves on November 14, 2011! This dynamo apparently has her debut author act so much better put together than I ever did. (Love her blog!) Here is an excellent roundup of tips  she picked up at last week’s Romance Writers of America’s National Conference.  When you’re done, check out Ruth’s excellent ‘Top Ten’ list of what she learned from her first round of edits: some nice wisdom to be gained from both articles. Thanks Ruth!

RWA Nationals Top Ten:

Ruth’s Top Ten Things Learned (Edits):

Best wishes, Ruth, and looking forward to having you drop by sometime soon, and when your book releases!

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  1. Thanks, Joy, for making the dual stop! Ruth’s blog is crawling with wonderful posts, isn’t it? I subscribed immediately. Enjoy your day 🙂


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