Character Impact…On Us!

Happy Friday, folks! Let’s get right to the fun! (Makes for wellness, right?):

Is there a character who has influenced your sense of fashion and style? Maybe even you as a person?

Those who know me know who I love: Fran Drescher’s Fran Fine. (I can get past the voice—she has to live with it, right?)

So ever since Nick at Nite picked up this show shopping hasn’t been the same. Women’s apparel is boring and finding those quirky—but almost always classy—pieces Fran wore is a challenge. Those of you who are shaking your heads, take a close look. Form-fitting or not, she rarely looked trashy. Her outfits were offbeat but tasteful and she didn’t show much more than her arms and legs. Cuts, colors and patterns are timeless—ten years later, she does not look dated.

I’ve had some luck, but always at a TJ Maxx or similar store, where a variety of styles are kind of lumped together. Let’s remember I don’t have the phenomenal figure Fran had back in her Nanny days. (What is encouraging though, is that she and I seem to be built similarly and maybe even about the same size these days, if you’re watching Happily Divorced. Oh all right: chances are she’s a size or two smaller, when I allow for the “ten pounds” TV puts on. Of course I have way more backside than she does, but can’t I hope Fran is a mere mortal like myself?) I can, however, have fun with bold patterns, strong colors and of course, ruffles, especially on long sleeves.

Then there was her wisdom with her TV charges. Can’t tell you how much it’s helped me at home and at school. My all-time favorite line came from the pilot episode. (I use this one with my boys all the time. Click the image but be warned: I figured out where to start a clip but have yet to get how to create a cut-off point. That’s up to you. 😀)

Guess her influence is pretty much part of me now. This past school year, I had comments that came from kids—who have no business being up that late on a school night—to confirm it. One boy said, “You sound like her!” (I’d rather look like her, thank you very much.) And when two of my special-ed girls couldn’t come up with a plan for standing far enough apart to play catch, guess I went into Fran mode. Can’t remember what I said, but I can just see one little girl’s hands going onto her hips. With her cute southern accent-vernacular she asked: “Is you watchin’ The Nanny again?”

My day was made.

Your turn: name a character who has become a part of your makeup. What appeals to you about said character, and how does that influence show? And anyone know where can I find fun clothes like Fran’s?

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4 thoughts on “Character Impact…On Us!

  1. Ekaterina the Great was about my size.
    My kids say I slip into “writer mode” sometimes and then I become some sort of larger than life (in my mind) individual of my own. Nobody on television, no one in any books, no movie stars. It’s hard enough being me.
    But I have seen people who I identify with certain television characters…but they’re mainly MEN! Go figure. Lots of pompous Frasiers, plenty of Norms and a couple of Cliffs, that’s for sure.


    1. Hi Irene–so glad you dropped in! Think I get what your kids mean–the inner editor who evolved out of my writing process almost seems to “see” straight through all the unnecessary around a given object, conversation, etc. I take it you’re a big fan of Cheers. Loved Diane, as annoying as she was. And like Carla was about looking at a guy and getting pregnant? I feel that way about looking at my favorite foods (i.e., coconut cake): I cast a gaze that way and the calories creep onto the thighs, lol.


  2. I would never want to be like any of the characters on this sit-com, but SEINFELD had a show for almost every occasion in life. My husband and I make note, when in any given situation…hey, this is just like that episode where…

    Sometimes, that helps us get through some yucky stuff.

    As for clothing and style, hmm, I wish we still dressed like those gorgeous ladies from the classic 40s movies. Such style. I guess I like vintage.


    1. Forties dress, makeup and hair styles did have a very special appeal–I know exactly what you mean, Lynne. As per Seinfeld, towards the end of their run the hairdressers were doing some phenomenal stuff w/Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ hair–wouldn’t mind having them work on me a bit, too. Same w/my girl Fran–loved the hair and makeup.


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