Talking Social Media at Emma Lai’s!

Hi all,

Got my dates mixed up! I was at Emma Lai’s last week; today she’s hanging out with me. If you haven’t had a chance to get over there, though, some very valuable information regarding use of social media is on post there. (Link is just below this paragraph.) Take a minute and check it out! Also, take time to browse through the links to some awesome blogs that taught and/or continue to teach me! Have a wonderful day!

Hope all is well with everyone! I’m at Emma Lai’s blog today, talking again about social media and how it benefits the aspiring and/or published author in today’s digitally-driven world. Stop in and leave your thoughts on the matter.

And as the great Kristen Lamb suggests and models, here are a few blogs that caught my attention:

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Kristen Lamb’s Blog: The Devil Is in the Details: Making Your Writing Shine

Selling Books: Market Me Please! Best Selling Tips for the Self-Published Author

Bob Mayer’s Blog: Pick a post; same goes for anything above!

Pet Loss Support Page: lots of links here

Take care and ttys!