US Open Tennis Qualifying Rounds

Hi all,

As ready as I know how to be for Hurricane Irene: praying for the best and hoping this bigger-than-Europe tempest takes a turn in that direction and fizzles out before she hits land anywhere else. If you’re so inclined, please remember to pray often for the safety and fortitude of rescue workers, police and medical personnel–all expected to show up despite what are slated to be seriously wicked weather conditions. (A good friend brought this to my attention just a few minutes ago on Facebook. Thanks, Christina!)

Made a visit to the US Tennis Center on Thursday. The weather messed with my first trip back to Flushing Meadows after a (very) long absence. Spent over three hours waiting for the rain to end; tournament action got underway a little after my friend and I left. (Oh well. Hopefully, the opportunity will present itself next year.)

Forgot how gorgeous the grounds are and how much I love being near anything tennis related!  For those who don’t know, the qualifying rounds help determine the draw of players who will compete in the tournament proper next week–barring Ms. Irene messing with that too.

What’s cool about this particular week in tennis:

*No admission fee:  you’ll probably have to pay for parking (~$20) and (optional) food and drinks. These tend to be pricey, but you can bring your own, as long as your cooler pack is sized to security standards. If your bag is too big, you can check it at the entrance, go out, eat and go back in!

*You get to watch live qualifying match play. Always cool. These players may not be top seeds, but they’re ranked and fired up to win!

*You never know who you might see of the top-seeded and best-known players. Many of them come early and practice on the grounds. You’ll often find them on the stadium courts. I had no luck this time. (Irene again! ) Rafa was in Manhattan promoting Armani jeans–would have missed him anyway. And I understand Kim Clijsters may not be showing due to some kind of injury. (I’ll miss her fast, awesome game and her graceful way.)

Of course I had to take some photos. Enjoy!


At least I got to see Jim Courier. I uploaded a more ‘complete’ album at my Facebook page.

Be safe everyone! Thanks for hanging out and indulging me!