Real-Life Game-On Participant!

Happy Thursday, people! Hope all is well with all of you! Looking forward to getting my life back once the US Open Tennis Championship winds down as well as a visit from a pair of Aussie cousins who happen to be in town! Always fun!

And, while we’re dealing in fun, this is why I love the internet. You just never know who you’ll come across, especially once you get yourself all a-Twitter! (Look for an upcoming post on how powerful a social media tool Twitter is, but be warned, I have yet to write it, lol.)

Moving on! Allow my newest on-line friend to introduce herself AND a fun approach to dieting I knew nothing about! Welcome!

Hi! My name is Joanna Clark Dawyd, and I’m excited for the opportunity to be Joanna Aislinn’s guest today.

While browsing on the internet one day, I came across a book, called The Game On! Diet, by Krista Vernoff and AZ Ferguson.  I read reviews, and I was intrigued by the concept. I posted an event on Facebook, inviting some friends I thought might be interested in making healthy lifestyle changes.  To my amazement, twelve people wanted to play!

Now, I must warn you that the book is full of swear words! Usually, I wouldn’t recommend something like that, but to me, the message of this book is worth overlooking a plethora of f-words.

The game involves making healthy choices, in food, exercise, and a few other areas.  But to provide motivation, it turns those choices into a competitive sport!

We began the game on May 16th, with two teams.  The prize at stake: a delicious dinner prepared by the losing team for the winning team. Not all the players knew everyone.  Some only knew one other person.  But one aspect of the game is building a support network, so we each got five points per day for communicating with both teams.  We sent emails back and forth every day, full of trash talk, support, and meal suggestions.

Throughout the four weeks of the game (my team lost, but it was a close race!), I lost about5 pounds.  I discovered that it can be fun to exercise!  Who knew? My kids and I had crazy dance parties, and they “helped” me exercise using the Wii Fit. I rode my bike a lot more than I would have otherwise, taking the kids along in the trailer. I even attempted running a few times.

The most important part of the game and the book is the flexibility.  Exercise is simply defined as activity that raises the heart rate and lasts for 20 minutes. And unlike other diets, this one allows for one entire day off, plus an additional meal off from the rules. ( I still can enjoy my Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccino!)  The rules also allow 100 free calories of anything each day.  So I can have BBQ sauce on my steak, or butter on my toast if I want too.  This makes it much more likely that I’ll stick to the rules.  If you’re already on a weight loss food plan, you can use that plan and still play the game.

After our game ended, I decided to keep playing.  I printed out more score sheets, and my weight has been going down, for the most part, ever since. I do give myself a little more lee-way than I would if I were competing, but that’s ok!  It’s ok not to be perfect. It’s not about the score, or even about the weight or my size or shape.  It’s about feeling healthy.  It’s about having energy to play with my kids.  It’s about walking up the stairs without panting when I get to the top!

If you enjoyed this and want to read more of my rambling, visit my blogs! I write aboutbooks and writing as well as creativity and DIY home decor. (Here are some of Joanna’s creative works–love Crayons! Joanna is also find-able on Facebook and Twitter, too.)


Joanna, thanks for this opportunity!

So much fun to have you, Joanna!

And always a pleasure to have all of you stop in! The Game-On! Diet sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve found that the only way to keep up with exercise and fitness is to incorporate things you truly enjoy (i.e., tennis and walking for me) as well as easy, effective ways to see results. (That’s why I keep up and vary the small weight workout.) The ‘time off’ concept is invaluable too, as is allowing oneself the luxury of consciously letting self- discipline slip every now and again. Keeps me on track in the bigger picture.)

Now we turn the spotlight on you, visitor-friends! How about sharing what works for you in the weight/fitness/healthy lifestyle practices? Don’t be shy! If what you share resonates with one person, wasn’t it worth the comment? (Maybe even make a post out of that, too ! :))

A great day to all,


11 thoughts on “Real-Life Game-On Participant!

  1. Really enjoyed the post. I’ve been trying to keep my fat old butt on the treadmill for about 2 miles every night. I manage to do this about 4 times a week so I’m doing good for me. I’m terrible about trying to diet but the first time anyone offers me a piece of cake – out the window my resolve goes. But am trying.


    1. God bless you, PL. I have no tolerance for exercise machines. I like being out. BTW, dieting is hard. Try making one small change at a time then adding on as you go. And don’t beat yourself up about resolve and a piece of cake. You’re human and deserve to enjoy certain foods. Valerie Bertinelli says, “There are no bad foods, just bad food behaviors.” Not sure about the ‘bad’ part but consistently poor choices add up. The occasional enjoyment (like my square or two of dark choc nightly) makes the difference for me.


  2. I read this at 6:30 this morning and decided to wait to comment until the sun woke up. Nice to ‘meet’ you Joanna. I’m one if the despised who don’t need to diet (at least not to take the weight off- got one to put it on and I’m all ears), but I need exercise, so this sounds fun. Now to make my butt agree to get out of the padded chair. lol


    1. Outside of my 25-35 minute walk (almost daily) I do short bursts of exercise (up to 15 minutes at a time). I keep small dumbbells in my bedroom or in sight (like during my tennis matches) and do some reps of major muscle groups while I watch TV (alternating upper and lower body when I work out). I do multi-task exercises to incorporate lots of muscles at once. I’ll also sneak in up to 10 reps of sit-ups or something before I get up. Seems to be the only way to get this stuff in now that school is back in session, esp since I’m often out the door by 7 AM.

      Come on, Calisa! Do it. You’ll feel great!


  3. Hi Joanna A., I just stopped by from your website, and I love the cover of your book!

    Joanna D.–what a cool way to exercise! I took the Self challenge this month to lose 8 lbs. in 30 days. I’ve lost five, but I am just using their basic guidelines for calories and exercise. Anything that makes dieting fun is wonderful!


    1. Thanks for the very kind compliment and for making my day, Jill. I agree with what you said about anything that makes dieting fun. Never did a team approach myself but I can see how it could work. 🙂


  4. I should get this book for my hubby! He’s been trying to lose weight but it’s hard. I’ve put on about twenty pounds since I had my last baby (yep, AFTER the baby was born) – I tend to lose baby weight right away) and I’d love to take it off too. The problem is finding time as a mom to do exercise… and to not turn to chocolate when the girls leave me tearing my hair out. 🙂


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