The Potential Power of Twitter–Part 3–Gaining Followers

Happy Wednesday, friends. Hope all is well this midweek! Only two days until Friday (woot!) the weekend and a nice listing of blogposts I found very interesting over the past two weeks.

Wow. My recent Twitter-related posts (Part 1 and Part 2) started out as a one-shot deal. My chattiness made it two and now comments from you folks inspired at least two follow-up articles. (Thanks for saving me the trouble of thinking up something else, lol. ;))

At this point, two issues stood out. Today I’ll explore the first:

How do I get others to follow me?

Queen of awesome and social media Kristen Lamb suggests beginning as a follower and approaching this topic with a heart of service, thinking more about how to give to others and paying forward vs. the standpoint of ‘what’s in it for me?’ One way she does this is so simple: she retweets (RT) others’ blog posts as part of her time on Twitter. (She has a huge following so every message she tweets or RTs has the potential to be seen by thousands.) She also encourages, congratulates and supports others. She firmly believes social media is a way to build relationships and, in doing so, your brand evolves almost as a secondary result of your interactions online. (Check out her posts every Tuesday. They’re excellent.)

So how do you do this? Your best bet is to simply start following others whose tweets interest you (many will reciprocate; others often follow later, after you’ve begun responding to others’ tweets). Twitter will suggest people for you to follow. By using Tweetdeck and creating columns for ‘Tweetdeck suggests’ and ‘new followers you can keep that info sorted. And back to Kristen Lamb: she does Twitter-related articles every Tuesday and dedicates a big part of WANA to Twitter. (It’s her favorite social media platform. She made sense of it to me.) I’ve also come across helpful YouTube tutorials on how to use Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.

Oh yes: every Friday, you’ll find #FF (Follow Friday) in full swing. In this column, people make suggestions on who to follow. It’s a great way to promote your newest or best tweeps and gets your name out there, too! (There is a LOT of activity every Friday. That screen usually moves so fast, I can’t read it, lol.)

I realize this is confusing and/or overwhelming to some, but please understand, folks: it took me a long time to get this. Think what made Twitter initially so hard to grasp–especially using Tweetdeck–was that I expected it to be so much more complicated! (What’s really crazy is how ridiculously simple this all is—but you have to download Tweetdeck and use it to make sense of all this information.)

Concern Two: “Now I just have to think of something fun to share and tweet my heart out!” and “For me it’s not joining the site, that was easy; it’s much harder to actually tweet or post some thing interesting.”

We’ll dive into this one next Wednesday!

Don’t forget: Look for the a round-up of the some great blog posts by others this upcoming Friday. And on Sunday, please take a minute to stop by Steph Burkhart’s blog and show your team spirit. We’re having fun with football themes!

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