A Little Reading for your Weekend

Hope you’re all having a great Saturday 🙂 I’m a little under-the-weather and behind in paperwork so…

I finally rescued the links to a few pretty cool blogs I’d left sitting in a Word-doc for a while.

I’m sure you’ll find some really great stuff on these virtual pages. Happy reading!

For Moms Who Feel Guilty…-Confessions from Real Moms!

Amazon Reader Reviews: 12 Things Everybody and His Grandmother Needs to Know

Tips for New Indie Writers

Finish Those Works-in-Progress!

33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: BlogHer Writers, Self-Confidence, and Me

Here’s to an awesome rest-of-the-weekend (and a great match-up between the NY Giants and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday–so tough when I want both teams to win…)


2 thoughts on “A Little Reading for your Weekend

    1. Can’t imagine they won’t, Erin. My pleasure to help other moms get thru the seemingly mandatory guilt that goes along with the role we take on–what did I know, lol. With two teens, though, I’m starting to feel as if I’ve made some decent calls so far, and pray that God keeps feeding me wisdom when I don’t. Then, I hope for clear hindsight so that I may continue in a positive direction.

      Thanks for stopping in and hope you’ll drop in again! 🙂


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