On the Second Day of Christmas–We Shared 2011’s Memorable Moments

Merry second day of Christmas, friends. Unless you’re out with the 12/26 shopping crowds, I’m thinking the commercial peace of Christmas starts about now. (Though I’m a tad tempted to hit Kohl’s–mom-in-law gave me her Kohl’s cash since she has no intention of using it. :D)

My house is in relative order after Christmas dinner here—only my mom, hubby’s mom and hubby’s friend joined us; some of my son’s friends later shared dessert. Everyone is asleep—shh!—and I’m now enjoying a very quiet moment alone with my laptop, looking around at the seasonal décor and loving it.

I also started thinking about that special gift that stood out from the others and why. Hubby gave me a gorgeous antique sterling silver necklace with an amethyst pendant—perfect for my taste. My younger son’s greatest gift started immediately after Thanksgiving and continued through Christmas Eve: that 13-year-old pretty much decorated the house and handled all the wrapping as awesomely as any Macy’s employee (and for no charge, either ;)). He also had a hard time with some of the choices hubby and I made regarding his gifts but seems to be taking some very mature steps toward the positive—another blessing that can’t be ensconced in paper and bows.

My older son couldn’t wait to give me his gift. (He made it in woodshop at school and seems to have a nice little knack for the craft.) He was sure I’d love it b/c (1) it’s handcrafted; (2) he altered the original design to put his spin on it; (3) I’d pick up on the theme and the ‘love’ that went into it. Not sure he realized it also symbolizes the most important intangible to me: peace in my world that comes from peace in my spirit.


As per memorable moments, my 8-year-old nephew gets the honors. We spent Christmas Eve at my brother’s along with twenty or so other guests. Long story short, we were among the last to leave, circa 10PM. My nephew started fretting about ‘missing Santa’ if the house didn’t clear so he and his siblings could get to bed. (In other words as he sort of said, to  my brother’s chagrin: “Take your coats, gloves, gifts and go–now.”)

So there it is. Your turn: what will you remember best about this year?

Here’s to a day of enjoying the peace (or at least a few dedicated moments). Expanding on the slowing-down theme a bit, I’ll be joining my very dear, freshly pubbed author-friend Calisa Rhose this Wednesday (12/28–debut day for her debut novel HOME) at her Chit Chat page for a virtual cup of coffee and discussing why no one seems to be able to just sit down and chat over one anymore.



4 thoughts on “On the Second Day of Christmas–We Shared 2011’s Memorable Moments

  1. My day wound down once guests left and we took daughter home last night. I watched Eclipse (gotta love a man who doesn’t mind my chick flicks and buys them for me). But the memorable moment began Friday when hubby called from the store to see what items I needed for the planned dinner. Daughters requested a big spaghetti dinner this year (our traditional Christmas dinner is not to be traditional). I ordered ground beef and garlic bread. I love an easy to make meal that feeds the multitudes!
    So I begin cooking yesterday and lo and behold- one frozen pound of beef was all I had… Uh- dear, where’s the ground beef? You know, the meat YOU called about to find out what I needed? Oops… Thankfully, oldest daughter had extra and lives next door. Yep, the same daughter who doesn’t eat ground beef (her hubby does) so we always separate a portion of the noodles to add cheese to for her… and which I forgot to do yesterday! No big deal. I cooked a small batch up just for her. lol My sister brought some ham left over from their Christmas Eve meal to add to the table and my niece made the cutest hors d’oeuvres! I’ll share those on my own blog after your visit tomorrow!


  2. Cool, Calisa. Though we did some cooking–nothing compared to the buffet spread at my brother’s–I’m a firm believer in eating all the leftovers from Christmas Eve during the ensuing twenty-four hour period. (My mom, however, likes the whole second-feast idea–whatever.) Sounds like I’d like dinner at your house! Looking forward to Wednesday!


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