Coffee and Because I’m Slow On the Uptake

Hey friends and followers,

Happy final Friday of 2011! Can’t thank all of you enough for all the ways you’ve made this blog such a happy place for me. You may have contributed a post or a comment, told somebody else about it or simply clicked LIKE and/or FOLLOW; maybe you just read or happened by via search engine. No matter what, you’ve touched me whether you know it or not! Please know how precious you all are, whether I know you by name or not.


Now, since I forgot to announce this on Wednesday (that’s the ‘Slow on the Uptake’ part of the this post’s title–the ‘Coffee’ woke me up ;)), I’m inviting y’all to Calisa Rhose’s Chit-Chat space for a cup of virtual coffee and discussion on why sittin’ and chillin’ has gone wayside in today’s digitally-driven, insanely busy world. Plus, her first published historical romance, HOME, debuted this week, on her birthday. And being the kind soul she is, she reminded me (during her recent virtual visit here) that I celebrated NO MATTER WHY‘s second anniversary this month too.

So, if you can spare a few, come on down!

A safe and happy new year to all (though I’m thinking this is my 199th post–why not close out the year with Number 200?),

Lotsa luv,


5 thoughts on “Coffee and Because I’m Slow On the Uptake

  1. I can’t count, friends. (At 3 y/o, my younger son used to tell me 1+1 is 11. I still agree :D!) This post 189 so I’ll work to hit the 200 mark on 1-15-2012, exactly two years since the official release of NO MATTER WHY. Okay, off to Pen of the Dreamer and Calisa’s to answer comments!


    1. Thanks, Calisa. I’ve loved being there so far. We’re going to have to pick some other topics and do another blog exchange!


  2. I love your blog, Joanna and count you as a great virtual friend made in 2011 and one I hope to keep in the fold. Happy New Year and congrats on NO MATTER WHY. JH


    1. Joy, you live up to your lovely name! Thanks so much for your very kind words. You so made my night and ditto, to you! HNY and hope to ttys!


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