Reese’s Pieces Sundaes on a Saturday

Happy weekend, friends. Hope the first of 2012 is relaxing and joyful!

Today, I’m having some fun.

Sometimes you realize something ridiculously simple has memories attached to it that you’ll carry always. Hopefully, those make you smile.

That’s what a Reese’s Pieces sundae at Friendly’s does for me. Took my son there last night. Of course I asked for the smallest but the waitress told me it wasn’t worth it over their junior size. I’d just take home what I couldn’t finish, right?

Uh huh. My son and I were both scraping the sides of our cups but that’s neither here nor there. As I dove into my sundae—with extra peanut butter sauce, thank you very much—I realized I have very specific memories associated with that dessert.

The first ties to a friend with whom I am still in touch. Her daughter was two at the time and I was invited to tag along. Mom ordered the Reese’s Pieces sundae for her little girl, who dove under the table shouting, “Pieces!” every time one fell out. (Think they put a lot more candy into the dish then.)

Another time I ordered the junior version (three scoops of cookie dough) but wound up being handed the regular (five scoop) size. The waitress told me they’d charge me for the junior but suggested I keep the large since they’d probably toss it otherwise. I left one spoonful of ice cream in that bowl-on-a-pedestal.

 (–the 5-scoop version :). Awesome, isn’t it?

I also recall a time I got one to go. Don’t ask why but I put that container at my feet directly under the heater on my side of the car. At home I pulled a container of cold soup into the freezer—I mean, if it were lousy after it refroze I could toss it then, right? Fast forward a few days: my best sundae ever. All those flavors came together in the most amazing way. (I still lick my lips thinking about it.)

Yes folks, I had to get in a post, lol, and meet that personal, two-blogs-a-week goal. It’s also Saturday and hopefully, a laid back day for many. (I’m blowing off the house and looking to sneak in two dates with hubby.)

Now how about some of you sharing a light and fun memory? Do you have a favorite dessert, or something you think about when engaged in a specific activity? (Like a teacher/coworker who, when I met her, told me, “I know you from the back!” Not my best side, I promise, but turns out she frequently drives past my house and often saw me working a small garden just outside my side gate.)

Did your memories make you smile? I certainly hope so. Take care and ttys next week!


8 thoughts on “Reese’s Pieces Sundaes on a Saturday

  1. I have great, specific memories of ordering Friendly’s watermelon roll when I used to go with my grandparents. Your sundae post brought that joyous feeling back! Alas, I live on the West Coast now with no Friendly’s and very few ice cream parlors. (Thankfully, we have awesome coffee around here…)


    1. I rarely go to Friendly’s (I’d look like the jumbo sundae cup if I did) but would really miss knowing I live near one. Hopefully, food markets near you carry the watermelon roll–ours does, along with cookie dough ice cream. Thanks so much for stopping in and sharing your comment. I’m hoping you’ll be back 🙂


  2. For me it’s the song “Mambo No. 5. It was never my favorite, but when it came out, my now teenaged son was 2 years old, and he loved it. Whenever we got in the car, he’d say, “No. 5, mommy, play No. 5!” Now whenever I hear it, I see my sweet little toddler again. Those of us raising teenagers need moments like that 🙂


    1. I love Mambo #5–it’s on my YouTube playlist and one of the songs I exercise to regularly. Teenagers can be a challenge, but I happen to love that age group–middle schoolers too. (Maybe I’m just lucky–my older guy and all his friends are a great bunch; I miss them when they’re not here.) Thanks, Carrie, for stopping by. Hope to see you here again!


  3. I believe ShopRite carries the watermelon roll. I know they carry Friendly’s ice cream. Where on the east coast?


  4. Not sure about the watermelon roll but I do have dreamy memories of the Happy
    Endings sundae which I think, my choice was the sundae with the full Reeces
    Peanut Butter Cups dunked right in the ice cream. Nevermind this “pieces” stuff,
    I’ll take the whole cup, thank you very much. And not to mention, they had a
    mean fried clam boat sandwich too. Yum. And come to think of it, I have a
    Friendlys right down the road from me!


  5. I so wanted to go tonight when I was just down the road from mine. I restrained myself though. I’ll take pieces every time and do my own version of Reese’s with dark chocolate and natural PB… happiness on the tongue…


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