Wrapping Up the Christmas/Holiday Season 2011-12

As I put away the decorations and slowly return my home to it’s normal state of being, I ask you this:

Is there a gift you received from which you know you’ll get major mileage? Does it have special significance?

I did:

Hubby got me this incredible necklace–totally my taste.

The crazy part? Read this:

“A heart-shaped locket fell into her lap. Tiny, glittering silver-black marquasite encrusted it, surrounding an oval amethyst on an intricate silver chain.”

My hero gave this to his heroine in No Matter Why. Hubby never read the book yet I end up with this necklace that is so ridiculously close to the one I wrote about it’s scary. AND it’s an estate piece. My heroine’s was an antique–go figure.

Your turn–what was your favorite gift or memory this past holiday season?

See you later this week,


11 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Christmas/Holiday Season 2011-12

  1. I have two favorite gifts: the collection of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory goodies from my son and a treadmill shelf from my husband. Now I can burn off the chocolates while writing 🙂 (Obviously, I don’t require much sophistication in the way of gifts…)


  2. Hey Carrie,

    Let me understand this–you have a shelf that holds your computer so you can write while you’re on your treadmill? How cool is that? I however, wouldn’t be able to see straight while walking. How do you do it?

    Now, eating those chocolates I can multi-task no problem 🙂


    1. I’m impressed, Carrie. I think twice about talking on the cell when I walk–messes w/my arm swing, lol.


  3. Lovely necklace! Coolest gifts this year: a Nutcracker soap dispenser from my daughter and the third Librarian movie (the one set in New Orleans).


    1. Hi Ann–so nice to see you here. Not familiar with the Librarian movie series. Hubby ordered me The Nanny (Fran Drescher) DVD set–still waiting for that to come. I miss watching her at night. I have to settle for mornings, which is my best writing time. Of course, I multi-task that by exercising while I laugh at my favorite governess’s antics.


  4. My favorite memory of the holiday season this year was just a simple
    alone-moment right on my ol’ couch. I was having a family holiday party soon
    and along with it, a game of Christmas trivia for my guests. I searched for all Christmas topics
    on the web and I came across the beloved movie “Its a Wonderful Life”, one of
    my all time favorite flicks. The trivia question was a quote from one of the
    characters, George Oddbody. To make my quote more memorable for my
    guests, I pulled the movie out and skimmed through it to find the very part where
    he said the line. I eventually found the line after watching different scenes from
    the movie. Then I started watching other Christmas movies and suddenly a
    very joyous spirit came over me. It was my Christmas moment where life, at that
    very moment, presented itself to be just simple and happy. Me, my couch,
    my doggies and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. And maybe an Oreo cookie..


  5. Sounds wonderful, Di–especially if that Oreo was a double-stuffed golden vanilla (which Nabisco really should make 😉

    Funny how the simplest things feed our spirits. But wasn’t it Clarence Oddbody? (That name sticks out since I got it wrong on the trivia–and I’m still loving that basket of goodies!)


  6. yes you are correct. Clarence. George was the MAIN character. Got my Oddbody
    mixed up.
    Just so you are aware, I have a friend who works at Nabisco and I will
    be sure to tell him of your double stuffed golden oreo suggestion.


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