What Do You Do for Someone Else…

that you don’t do for yourself?

Hi everyone, and welcome to a shortened work week for many. The Australian Open Tennis Championships are underway and the NY Giants are looking to claim the NFC championship and secure their place in SuperBowl 46. Yes, I’m psyched and plan on having a lot of fun with sports this week!

Okay, back to what I can do if it’s for someone else. Y’all know me. I get sidetracked.

So I’m horrid about getting somewhere early. (To me, on time and early interchangeable terms.). Case in point: most days, my son gets a ride to school from a neighbor and I’m on standby.

On those few days I drive, I’m usually in the car by 7:10. (The high-schoolers start their day at 7:30 AM. On paper, I’m due in at ~8:20.) I then head to my school-of-the-morning to get in some quality paperwork time. When I don’t drive him in, I’ll dilly-dally at home and mosey in to work at about 8:30, which is a huge improvement for me. (I used to skitter in at 8:55 then scramble to grab materials and kids by 9:00). By 8:30 though, too many people are around and I can’t settle down knowing I’ll be servicing kids within the half hour. I know my behavior is a form of procrastination, but I’ve yet to figure out how to get myself to do for me without needing that external push of doing it for someone else.

Same goes for REALLY cleaning certain areas of my home. How often do I walk by a pile and keep going? Why is it that as soon as I know someone is coming over I suddenly know what to do with the mess (besides stuff it in a bag and hide it, lol)? I was like that with assignments in high school and college too: that Last-Minute-Lucy in me could throw together a great paper with a day or two to go. That month before? Couldn’t look at it.

I now turn to you: what are your thoughts on these topics? What and/or why do you do for someone else and not for you? Why do you think the brain comes up with a solution in those final moments? What is it about pressure that creates a plan?

Thanks for your input! I’m looking forward to being able to take on some of your thoughts for myself!

Have a great day and ttys,