Just for Fun: Awesome Buys

Happy Thursday, friends!

Yay! This is post #197—three to go to my 200th! Next goal: bring the number of followers into the triple digits! (Translation: if you like what you see here, please click one of the share buttons below. And, as always, thanks so much!

Life looks like it’s getting exciting around here; I’ll share more detailed news when the time is right! For today, because the post I had in mind grew a life of its own and won’t be ready until next week, I’m posting a simple and hopefully, fun topic—just in time for bargain hunters, flea market and garage sale junkies everywhere:

Share with us your most ridiculous surprise and/or awesome buy ever.

Mine: Backpacks I picked up for my sons at Five Below when they were about 10 and 8 years old: ful backpacks, with $49.99 price tags still attached. Had never heard of them but they looked sturdy enough—and for $5/piece? Sure, why not try it out?

Had I known then what we were getting, I probably would have bought six or more. My younger guy, now in 7th grade, still uses his and it’s in awesome shape. The older one wishes he hadn’t let his friends mess with his. He’s had two or three different backpacks since his ful and still misses it.

(BTW, Five Below has great padded cases for almost every kind of portable electronic you can think of: sturdy, colorful and simple enough not to look tacky.)

Just thought I’d share that and looking to have some fun with your responses!

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you next week!


One thought on “Just for Fun: Awesome Buys

  1. I LOOOOOVE bargains, but I have to be careful. I want to buy one in every color and then I have a storage problem and then I have to buy storage containers and then I have to buy sheves and then…. But I love bargains. Don’t have Five Below in my neck of the woods. Sounds dangerous to my wallet though. Super post today!


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