Make POSITIVE a Habit!

Good day, friends! Hope everyone enjoyed what, for many, was an extended weekend. I’m extra-blessed. Mine goes through Tuesday, so I’ll piggy-back off of Julie Hedlund’s post on gratitude and include being thankful for that as well! 

Always thankful for my good friend Diane Lang’s newsletters too. My inbox never lacks for positive energy when Diane’s name is attached to the email. 🙂 Today she talked about making good thoughts a habit via the conscious practice of positive affirmations, so I figured I’d share them with all of you! 


According to Diane:

Positive affirmations are just one step into reaching your goals. It’s also a great start in the healing process. But remember, it’s just a start.

Positive thinking/affirmations don’t work alone, you need to put action into place by setting up short and long term goals with an action plan. You need to visualize your goals/dreams/recovery. You need to release fear so you can move forward and not procrastinate. You need to learn to say “NO,” so you don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

What positive affirmations will do is change your thought patterns. The new patterns will become a habit. This will change your state of mind/perspective on life. This will also make you feel more optimistic and resilient. Being positive will be spread to all around you.
So, start each morning with some positive affirmations such as:

I’m Special.

I’m important.

I love and accept myself completely.

I’m in total health and wellness.

I’m wealthy. (This one is awesome, as riches can be seen in so many ways!)

I have a great job, love what I do and work with people I really like.

Each day offers great new opportunities.

Thank you, God, for the gift of another day. (My personal favorite way to wake up!)

Make sure to add Thanks/Gratitude into your daily rituals as well: I’m grateful for _______. (A phenomenally easy way to shift negative thinking and ‘start your day over’ should you need to do so at any given time of the day! ;)) 

Start today and say the positive affirmations at least twice a day. I say them morning and night along with gratitude. It starts my day off right and ends it on a positive note.

Have a great day!

Contact Diane via her website: or experience her live at one of the many workshops she conducts!

Here are some upcoming ones:

Thursday, February 23rd at 6:30pm – Positive Parent  Mt. Olive Adult School, N 973-691-0900 ext 7264

Monday February 27th at 6:30pm – New Year, New You – Starting the Year Off Right Mt. Olive Adult School, NJ 973-691-0900 ext 7264

Thursday, March 1st at 7pm – Dealing with Unemployed Stress New Caanan, CT- The CATS Group

Saturday, March 3rd at 10am – What kind of Smart Are You? Academy of the Holy Angels, NJ   201-768-7822 ext 211

Monday, March 5th at 7pm – Letting Go of Anger Parsippany Adult School, NJ  973-263-7180 ext 4342

Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm – Happiness – Living an Optimistic Lifestyle Morris Hills Adult School, NJ   973-664-2295

As always, friends, I thank you for stopping in and staying a while. I love comments, so please, take a minute and share: Which affirmations might you consider practicing on a regular basis?

Tune in Thursday for a meat-free recipe–just in time for the first Friday of Lent! And next week, I’ll finally get my DISCIPLINE VS. CONTROL series underway.

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 Again I thank you!



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