I’ll suppose this article really spoke to me because I believe I’m up against resistance of my own making (and it kept nagging me to share it too). Besides, the images of the Berlin Wall were excellent and taught me something about it I did not know. Enjoy!

Changing Gears

We build walls to keep some things out and to keep others in. They can protect and serve us and they can limit our freedom. The images I’ve included here are from one of the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. I particularly like them just because here we see the wall transforming into a site of creativity, an expression of individual freedom. Here the wall has ceased to be a wall at all, it’s just the memory of one, a memory that itself has been reinscribed and reinterpreted in a myriad of ways.

This post is really about two connected things, the resistance we sometimes encounter when doing things that are really important to us and how we move through this – the strategy for progress. In this case, I want to touch on the idea of role models and the way we can use modelling to learn, change state and…

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