Plot Problems? Simplify!

Happy Friday, everyone. Spring is here and this girl is very happy. Not that my little part of the east coast had much of a winter, but I’m thrilled to see trees budding/flowering and crocuses and daffodils in full bloom. Yep, they’re early this year–what’s can I do but fully enjoy nature’s beauty while it makes my heart sing?

Came across a couple of great books recently: I’ll be sharing them over the course of the next few Fridays or Saturdays (just to keep y’all guessin’ ;))

For those (like myself) who have a hard time with getting all those story flashes to fall into place, a tiny little read—and best $0.99 spent on a book so far:

Eddie Jones Plotting Simplified: Story Structure Tips For The Break-Out Novelist (Writing With Excellence) (Kindle Edition)

Picked up this little jewel a week ago–yes, price was a swaying factor, as was the title: Plotting Simplified. This tiny write-up was exactly what this writer needed: a short, condensed version of how to put together a plot. Mr. Jones used excellent phrases that really spoke to me, giving me perspective and insight I didn’t have before. (i.e., He touted the inciting incidence as the ‘great disturbance’–never occurred to me the worst thing that could happen to story’s lead character could also be the best.)

I loved, too, that this book was SHORT. Took me about 90 concentrated minutes to read/take detailed notes from beginning to end. Now I feel prepared to fill in some blanks and work out plotting issues I’ve had with one particular story I need to finish a trilogy.

I held back on that fifth star for only one reason: I would have liked a little more detail for putting together Act III.

No Kindle, you say? No problem! Download the app to your computer just as I did! (All are free!) You can also download the the pertinent app to your I-Phone, I-Pad, android device–you know “there’s an app for that” too.  You’ll also have the option of reading your book in Kindle’s cloud–very cool. (Thumbs up.)

Looking forward to other how-to books by this author. Learn more about him at his website!

Here’s to a great weekend to all!


5 thoughts on “Plot Problems? Simplify!

  1. Thanks, Carrie. Provides a general outline structure, one that made decent sense to me. Happy Friday!


    1. It’s a nice easy read, Calisa. Chances are you’ll like it. Let me know. Better yet, let the author know. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.


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