Another Mash-Up: TEN Awesome Articles…

I put together this collection during the month of March. Thought I’d save them for a dry blog day! 😀 Check them out: a little of everything! Have a great day, and please take a moment to ‘share’ before you head on to your next virtual stop!

Friday: The Home Fries recipe I promised to fellow tweep @JTEllison

Now without further ado:

Beyond the Call: Face Your Fears!

Is Time Travel Possible? This one was just plain-old fun—and got me thinking on one of my favorite possibilities!

Mommy Moments: Snap Judgments—not just for mommies. All parents are guilty at some time during ‘the journey’!

Because this one turned me on to a very viable possibility: Author Terry O’Dell and her experience with NOOK First

Duolit’s Six Writing Outline Templates and Three Reasons to Use Them

Came across this gem as a result of my Discipline V. Control series!

Help for navigating Facebook’s Timeline

Answer all those necessary ‘WH’ questions and chances are you’ve laid the groundwork for your next story!

10 Super Awesome Insider Tips (for WordPress Users)

6 Reasons Why It’s Foolish Not to Self-Publish—Parts 1 & 2

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    1. Glad to be of help, Carrie. Since I can’t find the WordPress-dedicated post I did at Nathan Rudy’s blog, maybe I’ll post it at mine sometime soon. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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