Assuming You’ll Observe Mother’s Day…

How will you be spending it?

Happy Saturday everyone. I’ve got today laid out–in honor of Mother’s Day, my birthday and my niece who turned a whopping six earlier this week. (I’m sure she’s the girl twin my favorite Fran Fine gave birth to before the show went off air, right down to the fashion sense and the whine. :D)

  Hubby threw this one together last year, spur of the moment, right out of our yard. Aren’t they gorgeous?

After dropping off one kid at work, one at detention and then doing a whirlwind of food and last-minute flowers/card run for mom and my sister-in-law, we’re looking to spend the day making pizzas, possibly BBQ a burger or dog and enjoy birthday cake.

Tomorrow I’d LIKE to do NOTHING. That, however, will not work-me mam is big on Mother’s Day and is sort of disappointed we’re keeping it simple here. She would have loved a Sunday-afternoon pranzo (i.e., meal) to celebrate the day. I’m much more into the All-American idea of giving mom the day off. Not to be but it’s okay.

So how will you be honoring mom (including yourself) this weekend?

Have a great day and Happy Mother’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Assuming You’ll Observe Mother’s Day…

    1. Same to you, Carrie. Thanks! I love your plans–we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Know I have to do something with my mom or she’ll feel cheated out of such a day. (Think she forgets I’m a mom, too. Oh well. No complaints. Just enjoying her as long as I can.) Walk before eating–bumps up the metabolic rate and I need all the help I can get, lol. 😉


      1. I wish my mom was nearby–I’d spend some time with her as well. But she’s on the East coast, so she’ll have to be in my thoughts instead. 🙂


  1. Who knows what they have planned, it’s always a surprise. I’m planning on visiting my own mom and bringing her flowers.


  2. Sounds like fun, Tammy–so glad you dropped in! Happy Mom’s Day to you and your mom 🙂 Enjoy!


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