Force A Solution?

Not always the way to go for me.

Good day, friends. Hoping this Tuesday finds you all well.

Wow. This calendar year is flying; Memorial Day weekend (and the French Open Tennis Championships :)) both start next week. Then a few more weeks to another school year closing–where does time go?

Brings me to how busy this past weekend was–all good–but I wasn’t able to get something new together. I have three works-in-progress going on right now and struggling a bit with direction for each. I can do internal stories pretty well; those external plots get me crazy. Translation: I’ve been getting myself a little nuts with plotting books, templates, etc and am so jumbled with ideas I’m getting nowhere. So, because this older post is a great illustration of where I am right now in my writing journey, I thought I’d pop it up here again. I’d love to know your thoughts on the subject. And, as always, if the article speaks to you and you believe someone else can benefit from it, please click a SHARE button before you go!

The 30-40-minute meal I promised Stephanie should be up Friday! Hope to see you then 🙂

Have a wonderful day,


2 thoughts on “Force A Solution?

  1. When I have a few writing projects going on, and none seem to be making much progress, I’ll turn my focus to the most important one so that I feel like I’m making some headway. Then I tell myself, I can “pop in” on the others in my off time if I want–no pressure. That way, some work on those gets done as well, but with no pressure to finish anything, the work usually goes more smoothly.


    1. That’s where I am, the not making progress part. So, I’m working on what I can make headway on, which is some completed works that need to find their way out of the virtual drawers. Also the beauty (and the curse) of working on no timeline. Pressure is what I choose to make it. Thanks, Carrie.


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