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Marji Laine: Faith~Driven Fiction

Someday, I’ll be a published novelist. Is that your dream? If you’re like me you spend at least a few hours a day trying to make that dream become reality. But the harsh truth is that writing takes time.

Most of the writers/authors that I’ve met along my year-old dive into this community have poured their soul into their stories for five years or more. Yikes! Really? I’d hope to be multi-published by five years with three or four newly-sold series on the horizon.

And that can happen, but usually writers have to wait eons to have their babies take first toddling steps.

So what can an aspiring author do in the meantime to help support a family? As a mom who has always contributed, here and there, this proved a frustrating quandary. But I learned a few things as I skipped through virtual-land this evening.

1. Write for other websites

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