Some JFF Photos to Start off the Week!

Happy Monday everyone–hope all is well with you! Don’t know what happened to me last week. Had a post all set to go on Thursday then realized I accidentally scheduled it for next month. Had a wedding on Friday–if there is such a thing as a dance hangover I definitely  had one! Then the weekend got away from me so I’ll just start all over again.

Thought it would be fun to change up the theme for summer and share some photos from the garden and all the beauty I’m surrounded with these days. EVERYTHING is a month early but nothing seems to be suffering because of it. I just keep wondering how the flower situation will work itself out come fall.

This  little hydrangea peek-a-booed its way right through the fence. Wouldn’t have happened if I’d wanted it to!

There’s ‘peek-a-boo’s’ parent plant on the inside of the fence. The antique lantern on the left is from one of the cottages from my “Little House” in the PA woods. Hubby restored the lantern with lots of love!

(Had to move the gazebo so that roofers could do their job.) Here’s the annual wall of sunflowers as it makes its climb. Blooms started today. One plant is already 9 feet high. Squirrels and birds will start their seed-fest early this year.

Planted these gorgeous shasta (?) daisies last year and forgot all about them until a few days ago! Love them 🙂 Can’t believe some of my mums already bloomed.

My neighbor buys too many plants every year. These he gave me two years ago. They’re spreading nice and wide and helping give me less to plant every year. Loving those perennials!

Hunny’s zucchini and tomatoes, watched over, coincidentally, by the sunflower sentinels he coaxed to border his veggie haven. Peppers and string beans are on the other side.

The third and fourth fruits of hubby’s garden. (Zucchini blossoms and one zucch took first and second honors.) Those string beans look awesome!

Later this week I’ll be posting a round-up of some resources for writers. I’m sure there will be something for wordsmiths of every level. Hope to see you then!

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  1. Great! So glad you’re still online. Was looking for one of your post the other day, and kept getting redirected to a generic blank landing page. Take care. The blueberry cheesecake recipe looks very yummy. Then again, most of your recipes do 😉


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