Best Compilation for a Writer Yet–and More!

Happy Thursday, friends; summer is upon us and so are the Wimbledon’s Tennis Championships! (I’ve got A LOT of papers to file–an entire school year’s worth, lol.) Nothing like plopping the laptop onto my desk and following the matches and my fave players while I grind through the tedious job of sorting through notes, reports, etc. I’m planning to go paperless on the reports next year.

I’ve been having issues with getting those next few wips off the ground, so today, I decided to share some pretty awesome resources that have been helping me in the brainstorming and story structure departments. Hope some/all of these will be of some help to you too! 🙂

This compilation by Margo Berendsen was so awesome, it needed a ‘pointing to’ all its own. Packed with tips and reference articles on writing and especially revision, I may be combing through this over the course of the next few weeks!  Thanks Margo!

21 Ways to Make Your Plot More Compelling

  Plotting Simplified–Eddie Jones–the BEST $0.99 you’ll ever spend. (Read my thoughts on this packed little gem here.)

  Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story That Sells–Dianna Love and Mary Buckham. This one seems particularly geared to those who like compiling lists and character sketches at every imaginable level. You’ll gain excellent insight into characters and conflict, with examples from three very popular movies included for every checklist!

  Yesterday, I picked up Roz Morris’ Nail Your Novel; currently working my way through her thoughts and exercises for reviving and revising that first draft or even seeing one through. I’m liking her style and approach: formal exercises via a bit of an informal approach–feel more my style at this point.

I’d love to know if you’re familiar with these resources. If so, how have you utilized them in any way? Did you find them helpful? If so, how?

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8 thoughts on “Best Compilation for a Writer Yet–and More!

  1. I read “Plotting Simplified.” I found it useful as a kind of “outline” for my WIP (did I do this; did I do that?) But I thought a more in depth discussion would be warranted, especially for someone who hadn’t read too many books on writing techniques. I haven’t read the other two though. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.


    1. Agreed re: Plotting Simplified, which is exactly what I wanted (and still need), as I am lame when it comes to keeping it simple and focused when attempting to generate an external story. (In a word, I kind of really stink at it.)

      The Buckham and Love book is much more detailed. Excellent actually, but a bit on the overwhelming side to me, who can get complicated with the details and subsequently lost and paralyzed by them.

      Still working my way through Nail Your Novel, and liking it so far.

      Thanks, Carrie!


  2. thanks for a great list of resources. I have 45 Master characters and Book in a Month by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, but a crazy thing happens to me when i read books about plotting – I get all antsy, like I should be working on my WIP instead of reading about writing books.

    I find the best thing for me to do when beginning a book is to make sure the conflict between my two main characters is rock solid. That way I don’t wind up flailing about halfway through the book.

    I am amazed by people who write hugs stories with several intersecting plots. Makes my head spin.


    1. At this point, Lynne, I’m amazed at getting the conflict between my main characters rock solid, lol. And I know what you mean about my head doing 360s on my cervical spine when it comes to all those intersecting plots.

      One thing I like about NAIL YOUR NOVEL is how the author considers that taking-time-to-learn-about-writing part of the novel-writing process. Sometimes I need someone else to give me the go-ahead, know what I mean?

      Thanks for your comment and sharing your resources! I plan on looking into that one, too. Have a great day 🙂


  3. I’m glad you stopped by, Sarah. So nice to have you drop in. Hope you find the resources helpful. Let me know if you did!


  4. Joanna, thank you so much for recommending my book! Delighted it’s helping you. Especially as I’m now working on another… so if there are any points you’d like me to cover, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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