Summer Tuna Salad Meal

Happy Thursday, all. Trying to stay focused and get ahead of my blog-writing game, but things get busy in my little home. I may also be offline for a few days but will try and get connected sometime. Please note: I am not ignoring anyone, just spending some dedicated time with my family.

Made this one just a few weeks ago. Such and easy fix, I had to share:

Summer Tuna Salad Meal (Sorry, no photo, but I promise this looks really pretty on any plate! BTW, this recipe serves one and is easily multiplied.)

One 6 oz. can solid white tuna (packed in water)

1 tbsp mayonnaise (adjust to taste)

Fresh basil leaves, cut into small pieces

sea salt

shredded cheese of choice and/or 1 slice American cheese

1 slice multi-grain bread (or bread of choice)

baby lettuces of choice (I love Aldi’s Artisan Salad package; only $1.99/pkg, but densely packed and always fresh. Not crazy for the plastic container, but I use those to store other veggies–i.e., zucchini blossoms,  iceberg lettuce, etc. I can also give my neighbors and friends cold leftovers and not worry about losing my better containers.)

salad dressing of choice

Wash and dry baby lettuces. Arrange on a plate, leaving room for a slice of bread. Top with a sprinkling of the shredded cheese and your favorite salad dressing. (Lately, I’m into raspberry vinaigrette, which tends to be fairly low in fat and calories, depending on the brand.)

Drain tuna and place in bowl. Add mayonnaise, basil and sea salt to taste. Stir until well-coated. Toast bread. Immediately top with cheese then place tuna mixture on top. Garnish with basil* and/or shredded cheese, and even a bit of the vinaigrette–yum!

There is something about lightly melted cheese and tuna that works for me. I like to eat this open-faced sandwich with a fork and knife. Using utensils fools me into not missing that second slice of bread and thinking I ate a more formal meal. Helps slow me down too, key to me eating less but feeling every bit as full. This ups my satisfaction big-time and all that protein in the tuna and fiber from the bread and lettuce keeps me from getting hungry for hours. (Convinced my younger son to try it this way—he was sold!)

*Although finely chopped onion tends to be a favorite in tuna salad, I find fresh basil adds a major punch of flavor—no onion breath either, lol.

What are some of your favorite simple recipes that eat like a meal? Please share! And if you’d kindly SHARE by clicking on one of the buttons on your way out, I’d greatly appreciate that too.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Tuna Salad Meal

  1. I have an aversion to seafood, including tuna. Can’t stand to even smell the stuff. I used to think I was weird (okay, I still think that), but then I read a medical article on how an aversion to fish can run in families, with generations of family members being unable to stomach the stuff. My uncle, grandfather, and great grandfather apparently hated fish. I wish so much I would have saved that article, because now when I search for it, I can’t find it. I wanted to blog on it. 🙂

    But I bet the above recipe would still be yummy if I substituted the tuna with cooked chicken bits. Yummy!


    1. I like the idea of substituting with chicken–bet turkey breast works too. My favorite is the basil, which has a way of bringing out awesome flavor in pretty much anything. Actually, Carrie, I can’t wait to try with chicken: split breast baked plain and slowly should do quite nicely. Thanks for your input 🙂


    1. Try it and let me know how you like it, Calisa. I love how light this is and the way it keeps me from scrounging for junk food until the next meal.

      Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting. Have a great weekend.


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